Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 2-3-14

I had another good week out here freezing to death! We had one day that was supposedly "too cold" so they wouldn't let us go out and do work.. but other than that slight setback things are moving right along. Me and my companion are both staying in the area for at least 6 more weeks, so we have lots of time to get things done and I am excited about it!
Shirley basically made my life again this week. We went over to visit her, and she was so classic. We asked her if she has been able to read the Book of Mormon and her response was
"Well I haven't had a lot of time to devote to it because I have literary club on Tuesday and I need to finish that book first. So I have only been able to read half the Book of Mormon."  HALF. She has read HALF THE BOOK OF MORMON. In less than two weeks. WHAT.  I was actually speechless I just didn't even know what to say because that just does not happen. And she honestly read it because she can tell us all about it. It is mind blowing. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she is really enjoying learning more about the Gospel. I just wish you could understand how cool she is. And she remembers EVERYTHING. She was like "Cassidy.. you are studying political science at a school in California correct?" And I was like... 30 year olds that know me can't even remember that much about me. And then she took us to the back of her house, and she has all of this cool stuff from her travels around the world. She has been everywhere and has the best stories. Like she has a brick in her wall that her husband stole from somewhere Hitler lived during the war. It is just a mine of crazy stories. It was basically the highlight of my week. When we were leaving I was like "Shirley you are the coolest person in Aurora" and she said "I know. I am cool. Wanna know how I know? My car is a Honda Sport. and it has a fin." hahaha I died.
We had a cool experience on Saturday. So it was cold and we had no appointments and I was trying really hard to stay positive but ya know things weren't looking too good.. and then bam miracle! It is so cool how that always happens. So I found this old potential from 3 years ago named William in our area book.. and I felt like we should stop by. So we go and this young guy (like early 20s) comes to the door. I asked him if he was William.. he was.. and then I said "Some other missionaries said they met you and that you might be interested in learning more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and he said "Yes I am really interested" and for some reason I was thinking he was going to say he wasn't... so then I said "Wait you are?" totally shocked and it was so funny. And he was like "Yes I actually am." and then we had an awesome lesson with him. We were able to talk about prophets and the Book of Mormon and how we can build a greater relationship with God.. and he wants to keep meeting with us! It was amazing. And I just really feel like the Gospel will bless his life so much.. and I think he is open to letting it do that, which is the most important part. So I am  hoping for great things with him!
I got to see one of my old investigators from my last area on Saturday and it was so fun. Her name is Brenda White (not the Brenda who couldn't quit smoking... which PS GOOD NEWS she supposedly quit smoking last week and she is hopefully going to be getting baptized here soon and I will be able to go! I was so happy when I found out I almost cried. I really miss Brenda Dougly and I am so glad she is still progressing in the Gospel. So yeah that was super exciting!) Anyways Brenda White owns a cute little bakery that is in my area right by my apartment building... and I didn't even know it was until this week. So I stopped in and I wish you could have seen the look on her face. She was so happy! She literally almost starting crying. She gave me the biggest hug and she said that it made her entire week to see me. Ah it was the best. I turned into a baby and almost started crying. It was cool because it just reminded me that even though sometimes it is hard and I feel like I am really not making that big of a difference in people's lives, I am. I was half expecting her to have forgotten about me.. but it was totally the opposite. It just reminded me how great this mission is, and even if I never get to see anyone I work with be baptized.. I know that Heavenly Father has me here with these people for a reason, and I just feel really blessed. Brenda gave me some of the best chocolate I have ever had in my life. It just made my week. And now that I know she is so close I can visit her more! It was definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father reminding me why I am here and why I am a missionary. And it reminded me how much He loves each of His children. I know that He loves everyone so much that He would send me out here to Ohio even if there was only one person I would help. And I am just lucky because I get to feel that love and witness the miracles of it every day! I have no reason to complain ever.
The ladies at Aurora Manor (the nursing home) were classic again this week. AND ONE OF THEM KNITTED ME A HAT. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever. It was so nice. We were there during their lunch.. and there was the funniest conversation ever between these two old ladies
Florence says "I have to watch what I eat. I don't want to become a blimp."
Then Mille (who is not the smallest person ever) looks at her and says "Hey. You better watch it. Or I am going to sit on you."
Florence said "You are going to sit on me?"
Millie said "Yes. Blimps are happy."
Hahahaha I was laughing so hard I though I was going to die.
Then Florence was talking to me and telling me about some mean lady that works there.. and she said "I told my daughter she either needs to take me out of this place or I am going to run away." I just laugh my head off the whole time I am there. It was good stuff.
Jean had to go out of town for business this week so that was depressing. But hopefully we can see him this week! We were supposed to go have dinner with the coolest family ever tonight.. but supposedly there is some kind of big storm coming so they had to cancel.. so hopefully we can find something to do so we don't have to be outside banging on doors begging for someone to let us in! But we do what we have to do. Everyone we talk to tells us that this is one of the worst winters they have ever had here.. and I am just SO HAPPY that the weather decided to act up the ONE YEAR I am here. This week there were "snow rollers" , which are apparently super rare and never happen...but I got to witness them I will attach a picture they are so weird. Ohio is a weird place. But I love it. Haha but we should still all pray that spring will come fast so I don't die or something.
Also a travesty happened. I LOST MY ONLY NAMETAG and now I don't get to be a missionary for a week and a half. I actually teared up. I had no clue how much I loved putting that thing on until I couldn't anymore. So yeah that was my sad news for the week.
But anyways a ton happened and I can't even write it all so those were just some of the highlights! This is going to be a good transfer I can feel it. So prepare yourselves.
Anyways I have to get going but I hope you all have a great week! I love you lots and am praying for you all the time!
Love Cassidy

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