Monday, July 14, 2014

Cassidy's Letter July 14, 2014

Well here we are again....
This week was pretty good! Kirtland was busy and when we were in our area we were crazy busy so it flew right on by! But people are making some cool progress and I met some awesome people at Kirltand!
Let's just start with Michael because he is the coolest part of my mission right now. So last Monday night he texted us and said that baptism keeps jumping out at him in the Book of Mormon.. and he told us that God is trying to tell him something. Which was SO cool. Then Tuesday we had dinner with him and some members of our ward, and it went super good! His biggest concern is not fitting in or having people not like him.. but the dinner went great and now he said he thinks he is ready to come to church. Then we had an AMAZING lesson with himon Saturday night. So he is done with Alma already... in 2 weeks he has read like almost 400 pages in the Book of Mormon. So crazy. He is about to pass me. But anyways he told us that he can see the way the Book of Mormon is changing his life. He said that he can even tell at work.. because he told us that he has this boss that is always super mean, and he said he used to just wish that she would leave or he would get mad and resent her.. and he said that lately he has been praying for her and hoping that whatever is making her feel like that will change. And he said it all because he has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. And he can see that it is making him a better person. IT IS SO COOL. Because I mean I know that it can and will change people when they read it.. but it is really amazing to have someone we are teaching actually see that happening to themselves.  He really is a dream come true. I have been hoping to teach someone like him my whole mission... and I am just so happy it is finally happening! He is a miracle. Also, if you guys could just be there when he prays.... it is the best. If I ever doubt why I am on a mission... I just remember him praying and thanking God that He told me to knock on his door... and I realize that this is all so worth it. Keep praying Michael will keep loving the Book of Mormon and that he will love church!
Sister Portz gave us some really good advice this week that I would like to share with all of you. She told us, 
"Next time you little missionaries hit a possum, take it in and you can get TWO muskrats for it. And that will feed your family for at least a week. Trust me." 
I am just hoping we hit a possum soon so I can get me some muskrat. I have ALWAYS wanted that.
Last Wednesday was probably one of the hardest days of my entire mission. Or life. We had 5 full tours at Kirtland... so that means we were giving tours for like 10 hours... do you know how hard it is to be up all day and be the center of attention for that long? It is so exhausting. We got like two 14 minute breaks to throw a granola bar in our mouths and then we had more people there for us... I thought I was going to die! It was like 7:30 at night and I was the walking dead... and then they called us to take another group... and I was almost about to cry... when we had the COOLEST tour ever. It was so much fun. It was this awesome family from Denmark and a family from Dubai! The family from Denmark became my new best friends. Literally they want me to come visit them in Denmark when I am off my mission... so that is definitely happening. They told me that when I meet them I better say "Newel K Whitney, Thou art the man!" That is like the tagline of Kirtland. I have said that phrase so many times it is almost uncomfortable. There are some tours when I just can't even get myself to say it... and if I don't someone asks about it and I have to say it anyways. It is inevitable. Newel really must have been the man. But anyways the tour was so much fun. They were really funny, and it totally made my whole day. It was such a blessing because it made the hardest day of my life end super awesome.
Thursday and Friday are both like a blur... all of the tours and people kinda mesh together. We took one youth group and we had a cool experience in the School of the Prophets. We had them all go around and in one word tell how they have felt the Savior's love, and it was really neat to see how we all feel his love differently, but we all feel it. And I think that is the best thing ever. Knowing that Christ knows us each perfectly and loves us each perfectly. And I know being a missionary I feel His love all the time for myself and for others. I am just kinda constantly amazed at how much He loves us all.
Anyways  Friday was my 10 month birthday and I celebrated with Ice cream don't even worry.  Oh guess what else happened Friday... a McDonalds opened in the town we live in... and it was the scariest thing ever. At 9:30 at night there were at least 100 people there.. and there were bouncy houses and practically a fair... for McDonalnds. I was and still am baffled. I must really be out in the boonies if people are that excited about fast food........  Only in Ashtabula.
It is crazy that I have been a missionary for so long. It is really amazing to look back and see how much I have learned. I feel like a totally different person as far as my knowledge of the Gospel and my faith in it. I knew it was true before... but now I actually understand how it can change people's lives. And I have learned so much about the Book of Mormon and I have seen so many miracles. I am just super grateful for all the experiences I have had. I can't even imagine my life without serving a mission, and I don't want to. This whole experience has already changed how I want to live the rest of my life so much and I know I will forever be happier because I am doing this. And I am really happy I still have 6 months because I have a lot more to learn and a lot more people to find!
Good news Gerald is still doing good. He has still been coming to church, and ARP, and he is making lots of friends. Yesterday he didn't even really talk to us because he has so many new friends which is exactly how it should be! I am really happy to see how much this is blessing his life.  We are teaching him the Law of Chastity tonight with the Portz... that will be the most interesting experience of my mission. Maybe I should film it. We were at the Portz's house practicing with them... and Sister Portz (Okay I will at least get a picture tonight so you guys can fully understand why they are so hilarious) said to her husband "Maybe you can wear some shorts to the lesson so Gerald can know that he can wear shorts that aren't super short but are still modest.." and I was just like... what? It's not like Gerald is wearing short shorts. Also, I never want Brother Portz to wear shorts. Also... they have a cat clock that meows every hour... and they also have cat ICE CUBES. I mean if they aren't crazy cat people I have no clue who is.  Oh and yesterday at church Sister Portz had her shoes off and was sitting cross legged in the front of the class... it was so classic.
I love the crazy people here. I honestly don't think there are people this funny anywhere else in the world. Hopefully I am not turning into any of them...
Well my time is up and I have to get going. Pray for me this week. We are serving at Kirtland 4 days in a row... it might be the hardest week of my mission.. hahah no it will be really good but also really hard. SOOO if you get really bored (and even if you don't) and you want to write me a letter (I would be the happiest person in the world) send it to the visitor center! The address is:

7800 Kirtland-Chardon Road
Kirtland, Ohio 44094
Okay well have a great week! I love you all!

Love Cassidy

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