Saturday, October 18, 2014

Letter from Cassidy 10-14-14

Well my friends.. it has officially happened.


Yep. Never saw that one coming did ya? Yeah I sure didn't. So apparently the branch I am serving in requires the missionaries to participate in this big production of The Messiah at Christmas that is put on by this Catholic Nun school... so yep I get to spend my Sunday afternoons rehearsing songs with old Nuns. It is pretty much one of the oddest things I have ever done. Also, not sure what it has to do with missionary work at all.. but I tried everything to get out of it with no luck.. so looks like I am a Jr. Nun after all! And this song we sing says "His burthen is light" about 89 times at least so that is the story of my life now. But my burthen is sorta kinda heavy. But that is okay.

Also.... I had to pull out my puffy winter coat this week. That is a bad sign. People can officially start calling me a marshmallow again. YAY. Not. haha how did it get so cold so fast? I swear it was just summer. Oh well, despite the cold I had a pretty good week!

We had a lot of fun going to the Cleveland Art Museum last week! It was surprisingly good. I didn't know they had anything that good in Ohio! it was a pleasant surprise. And there were normal people there... I didn't realize those existed in Ohio either. I love the odd Ohions that I work with though so don't even worry.

We had an awesome lesson with the Graves family! I think I talked about them last week but my memory is failing so I will explain again. They are a huge family that just moved here.. and they are all at different places in life/the Gospel. We are teaching the 11 year old so he can get baptized, but we are also teaching the whole family. There is an aunt who was there last time and she was really touched by the Plan of Salvation. And it was just such a cool lesson because everyone was teaching each other.. and we just basically got to testify! And man there is nothing that is more fun than teaching a family about how they can be an eternal family. There were multiple people crying because the spirit was so strong! Nothing is better than the peace and knowledge that comes from really knowing we can be with our families for eternity and I love teaching them and helping them see that! We are going again tonight and I am pumped.

Wednesday was Fiona's birthday and it was so fun. We bought her a frozen hot chocolate at Dairy Queen which is her favorite thing.. and man if you only could have seen the smile on her face when we showed up at her apartment with it. It was like a kid on Christmas! We spent awhile with her and she was happy and laughing and it was so fun. She is the funniest and sweetest girl. Then she had a birthday cake but she didn't have any candles... which I was not okay with so I decided to go knock on doors around the apartment and find someone with candles, and yeah NO ONE HAD ANY which was a fat scam.. like who are these people?.. anyways we did meet this nice lady named Virginia and Fiona randomly invited her to come have cake and so she came and joined the party. If I wasn't a missionary it would have probably been one of the weirdest things ever.. but it was super fun. And it was kind of a miracle because Fiona and Virginia (even though she is a lot older) have a lot in common. A lot of the really horrible things Fiona went through Virginia went through too and she was already helping her a lot. It was totally part of God's plan to get them together. Also, Virgina is interested in learning we might have a new person to teach! It is so cool how that happens. Anyways Fiona's birthday was a success.

We stopped by this less-active member... and we talked to him for a few minutes at the door and then he said "hold on a second I am going to put pants on"... yeah that happened. Then he when he came back he came outside with a beer and a cigarette in his mouth totally just to try and irritate us. Then he said "God is just an extraterrestrial.. He is an alien. And we are simply robots" So yeah add that to the list of weird things I have heard. haha.

Other weird things I heard this week... So this really nice and slightly odd lady had us over for dinner.  When we got there she was talking to her dogs like they are humans.. she literally said "It is okay baby in 32 minutes you can have your dinner. Just wait 32 minutes." Then she left the room and came back and said "the doggie piddled in the bathroom" and we tried our best not to laugh... then in the middle of dinner she said "Excuse me, I must go feed the doggies" and she came back and said.. "They sure love their piddle pads." Hahaha it was hysterical. Gotta love dog pee talk over dinner that is always fun.

We spent quite a few days at Kirtand this past week. But GOOD NEWS.. now that it is technically not the "busy" season anymore.. we only work there 2 days a week! So will have about 87 more hours to work in our area which I am so happy about! But we had the coolest tour yesterday. So this couple that lives in Cleveland was driving to this like nature park thing that is pretty close to the Visitor Center, and for some reason they drove by and decided to come and see what it was. And it was crazy because neither of them knew ANYTHING about our church. They hadn't even heard of it before.. not entirely sure how that is possible but that is besides the point. So we got to start by teaching them the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. It was funny I asked if they had heard of it and the guy said "that is part in the Bible right?" haha close enough. But they loved the Whitney Store! We could tell that they had become really interested in what we were saying. But then the weather started looking bad so they had to leave before we could finish the tour.. and I said "well you will have to come back and see the rest!" and they guy said "Oh we definitely will." Then as we were walking back he said "I want to learn more about that book. I want to read that. It really sparked my attention." I was so excited I literally ran to find a Book of Mormon to give him. Then he said "I think it was fate that we somehow ended up here today." SO COOL. First of all Kirtland is the coolest place and it is impossible for people to not feel closer to God here. Second of all... now he has a Book of Mormon and the possibilities are endless.

Because we all know that my love for the Book of Mormon is almost obnoxious but I am not even sorry. I finished it for the 10th time on my mission on Sunday! And I just wish I could tell you how much the Book of Mormon means to me. It is the number one thing that has helped me on my mission. And it is just so cool because I really didn't know it or read it very much before and I was just missing out so much. I feel like if I take nothing else with me from my mission (which I will because I have already learned approximately 1 billion other things) It will all be worth it because of my strong testimony and love for The Book of Mormon. It is crazy to me that I will only get to read it 2 more times on my mission. Time flies so fast. But I just have a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon can and will bring people closer to Jesus Christ, because I have really witnessed that miracle in myself over the past 13 months, and I know it can do it for everyone we give it to!

And there you go. Me and my Book of Mormon rants I AM SORRY I do that like every week I just really like it okay. And I really love being a nerdy missionary. I really will be normal when I get home. I hope. If not... oh well it was worth it. I have to leave but I LOVE YOU and miss you! Have a great week!

Pray that Ohio decides that it wants to be summer again so I don't freeze to death thank you!

Love Cassidy

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