Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cassidy's Letter 1-13-15


Man it was a super busy and hilarious and awesome week. Heavenly Father is just blessing me to have the best last few weeks ever. And despite the 2 feet of snow that we keep getting the car stuck in.. everything is going really well!

OH and I also got the car stuck in a ditch this week.  and I instantly remembered why I go to college in California. So yeah basically there was a bunch of snow and long story short couldn't see where the edge of the road was and after we parked and went to a house and came back the car had sunk and there was basically no getting out of it. The car was like completely tilted. But I am not even exaggerating.. we were stuck... and we prayed.. and I just kept praying for a miracle and somehow we got out. I have no clue how because I was 90% sure we were going to have to get pulled out but man God answers prayers that is all I can say! I swear I just keep seeing miracles all the time.

We actually got to see a lot of people this week. And some of them were slightly crazy which was awesome. Like this one lady Sally.. she lives in these slightly weird apartments.. and her apartment happened to be an ashtray mixed with dog hair.. but I was just glad we got in because we have been trying since September. So we get in and she had some weird movie on and she goes "Sorry. I will not turn the movie off because I love Elvis." Okay.... then she invites us to this Christmas party (I coulda sworn Christmas was last month?) and then she started showing me these weird poems about dogs dying and rainbows. And yeah it actually was as weird as it sounds.

One tragic thing did happen this week. I almost made it until the end. SO CLOSE. So basically I like really any food except chicken pot pie and lasagna. And I had gone my whole mission without chicken pot pie.. until this week. I didn't die don't worry.. I guess it had to happen sometime. haha yep that is the biggest travesty of my week so obviously my week was pretty good.

It was pretty cool so you all know about Jerry I talk about him all the time just because he has come such a long way. But this week a member was talking to us and she said the nicest thing. She said "Jerry really likes you. He told me he has learned more from you than he has ever learned before" and it honestly made me so happy because I know that I haven't really taught him anything.. it was all the spirit and him teaching  himself by reading the scriptures! All my companion and I do is call him and talk about what he has been reading. It just makes me really happy to know that he feels like he is learning a lot. Also we had a lesson and I asked him how the Gospel has helped me and he said "Since I found the church... I haven't been depressed like I used to be. I used to have really bad depression from losing my mom and being left alone. But I don't have that. And lately since I started reading the scriptures, I feel God so much stronger in my life... now the minute I wake up I look forward to reading. And I feel so much better.. and it is all thanks to The Book of Mormon." Best testimony ever. Just the confidence he has gained in himself and how much happier he is, are just more examples of the blessings of reading the scriptures.

Another funny story. This is actually hilarious. So this old lady in our ward, she is super nice, but ya know an older lady. So we were on the phone with her... and she starts telling us about this surgery that she had.. and she said some CLASSIC quotes. I was dying of laughter. Okay so she said "I couldn't move my bowels and I was bleeding like crazy" then she said "I was feeling like, man I really gotta go" and the best.. "I couldn't pee and I couldn't poop and i was bleeding to death" hahahah. Then she said "I want to bear my testimony about it at church but I don't think people want to hear about my pee and poop" YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. We don't. But man it was so funny. The perks of serving in a branch full of old fogies.

And we got to see Fiona this week finally! She was as funny as ever. I asked her what movies I need to watch when I get home.. and she said "I like movies that cuss and you won't like that." and I said "Well which movie do you like" and she said "Mulan 2. It is hilarious" hahah yeah pretty sure Mulan 2 isn't cussing. It was funny. Then the staff member who takes care of her was cooking and the fire alarm started going off.. so I was waving a phone book by the alarm to get it to go off and Fiona was crying laughing and then she said "That's it I am going to start eating microwave dinners again so I don't have to hear that sound." hahah she kills me. I just have such a love for her and every single time I am with her I just feel how much God loves her and it always makes me realize how much He loves me. It really is a blessing to feel that. That is one of the things I really love about being a missionary.

I am just so grateful for my mission. I got to go to the farewell dinner this week with all the missionaries going home.. and it was mostly insane because I feel like I JUST GOT HERE. The time went so fast. But then I think about all the people I have met and the experiences I have had.. and it has been the most fulfilling and incredible year and a half of my life. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything in the world. It has been some of the longest, hardest, most emotionally exhausting days of my life... but the also the funniest, most spiritual, and life changing ones as well. I feel like I am such a better person. I understand people and love them in a way I never imagined I could. I feel so much closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.. and I have felt their love in so many ways. I have gained an understanding and knowledge of the scriptures, especially The Book of Mormon that has given me so much strength and it gives me so much hope in the future and without a doubt has changed the rest of my life.  I am happy I still have some more time here in Ohio with all these people I love! I never thought I could love it as much as I do.

I love you all too! And I am looking forward to seeing you... insanely soon! Ah!

Have a good week!

Love Cassidy

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