Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014


Seriously, this week was so good.

First of all.... we have THREE new investigators! So yeah party time for that. Also we had a lot of awesome lessons this week. And we didn't die. So it was a success.

Last Monday night... we finally had a lesson with Jean (John) the awesome guy from India. So we went to His house.. and his mom was there and she let us in and she talked to us for an hour. And she doesn't speak super good English.. at all... so the whole time I was just praying for help to understand her.. and we were actually able to talk to her pretty darn well. She was the funniest thing ever. She kept telling us a story about how her doctors told her she was fat and that she needed to lose weight.. and she kept saying in an awesome accent "I cannot lose the weight, I cannot lose the weight!". And then Jean came home.. and we were like SURPRISE we are here. And then we were talking to him.. and I said "We want to come back and share more with you!" and he goes "like what?" And I said "Well one thing is what we call The Plan of Salvation.. where we were before this life, why we are here.. and what happens after we die." and he goes, "Tell me right now. I need to know that right now." so yeah OKAY we gladly taught him the lesson and it went so awesome. SO yep he is still the coolest person ever. And I am pretty sure his mom liked it to! When I was saying the closing prayer she was saying a bunch of stuff in a different language.. so who knows. But I felt good about it. And we are on hug level.. so yeah we are tight now.

Tuesday was one big massive service day for us. We started at the nursing home... this old lady named Florence who is my best friend there was saying some classic stuff. She was like "Last week they fed us spicy chili... and these old people can't have that" and she is like a billion so it was classic that she was calling everyone else old. And then she said "There is this crazy guy... and you know what he will say? He says ' I have to pee'.. he just says the word pee can you believe that? I said to the nurse... 'Put him outside or kick him out of the window'" hahaha such classic stuff.

Then we went and visited some old people in our ward.. and they are REALLY old. And so we get to the house... and first of all it is seriously in the middle of nowhere. It was actually terrifying getting there.. we thought we were going to die. It is in the most eery creepy place ever. Like where people get killed and no one ever hears from them again type creepy.  Anyways we get to the house.. and it was just really interesting. And they were really interesting. And there was about 1 inch of dog hair covering the entire floor... it was unbelievable. Honestly I was just not even able to comprehend it. And also this guys feet were straight up dead and his toenails were a good 3 inches long. It was just crazytown.  But it was good that we could visit with them and I think it really made their day. So even though it was a slightly sketchy experience, it turned out good and I am glad that we could help them.

So the other day we had someone cancel.. so we had a feeling we should go see the Waleys. They are the super nice couple we tracted into that gave us hot chocolate. We knocked on the door, and she opened it and she said "Girls! Get in here!" So we went in, she made us hot chocolate again, and then she said "You know what... I was just thinking about you and I prayed and asked God to know if you girls were okay.. and then you knocked on my door." HOW COOL IS THAT. Literally we were straight up led back to their house right when she prayed about us. Prayers are answered my friends, prayers are answered.

We also met the sweetest older lady tracting.. her name is Shirley. She let us right in the first time and we had a really good discussion about prophets and the Book of Mormon and all of that. She is awesome. So last night we went back over.. and she was telling us all sorts of crazy stories. And also so she is like 90 or 91.. and she was like "I was supposed to go hangout with my friends tomorrow, but they think the roads are 'too bad' so they canceled." and I was just like... how.. does.. she have more friends to hang out than I do? And she said "I just bought this new car.. and it has all of these weird things. Like pandora.. who even knows what that is? And this weird camera that backs the car up. I just bought it because the seat moved up and down and now I have all this other stuff." haha classic. And I asked her if she had a chance to read some of the Book of Mormon... AND SHE DID. and she LIKED IT. I mean for obvious reasons but still.

Last night was probably the best because we had a lesson at this awesome families house. They are so funny. They remind me of our family so it is always fun going over there. And they have a son who is a senior, and then his girlfriend was there too.. and she is not a member of the church, but she has been coming to church for a couple years. And we had such an awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how we can each use it more in our lives.. and how God has a specific plan for each of us. And it was just so cool. Even though... I did say the phrase "The Atonement is awesome. Then we die." hahah wow Cassidy good one. I am honestly surprised that anyone invites us back with me teaching hahaha.  It was fun because I felt like I was talking to Colin or something. Anyways it was just probably the best thing ever and I am  really excited to keep teaching them!

Kirtland was great this week too! Even though we didn't have anybody come because it was a raging blizzard.. we had some awesome chats. And not going to lie I have been a little bitter/resistant about chats because 90 percent of the time it is just people wanting to argue or mess with you or ask really dumb questions. But we had two super awesome chats this week and I am starting to have a lot more faith in chats actually helping people. The first was this guy named Benjamin and he lives in LA now, but grew up in Europe. We ended up calling him and talking to him for an hour and a half on the phone! He said that he got the Book of Mormon 10 days ago.. and he can't stop reading it. He said "I love the bible... but there is something even more pure about this Book of Mormon. I just really feel like this book is true." and I was like IT IS TRUE and it is the best book ever. And then he asked me to say a prayer over the phone... and I did.. and he said "You really just blessed me more than you will ever know. You are the nicest people I have ever met." So that was just super cool.

Then later.. this person gets on chat.. and I can't even really explain the chat but I felt the spirit so strong.. and when the person would send a message, I never knew how to respond. Like it was HARD... so i was just praying the entire time that I could help them, because I really wanted to.. and somehow I was able to come up with what to say.. and at the end the person straight up said they weren't going to give up because of me.. and that I had given them so much hope. They asked me if I could email them a copy of the chat so they could always have it. It was SO COOL. And that is why I now believe in chat.

AND one funny story for the week. So we were driving home from Kirtland... and it was a straight up BLIZZARD. We couldn't see anything. So naturally I was preparing to die. And we are on a 2 lane highway... and we get to this hill.. and the car in front of us gets stuck going up the hill. So we get out.. and start pushing her car. Yes. Two missionaries, IN SKIRTS, are pushing a car UP A HILL, in the middle of a blizzard. And it was so slippery that I fell about 87 times. And everyone was laughing at me.  And also pushing a car uphill doesn't ever really work. But it was quite the adventure. The police ended up coming and we all made it out alive... so I am counting it as a success. I just never really thought that I would be doing that but hey why not.

Overall. Awesome week. Life is good and my mission is great. I haven't frozen to death yet, so thank you for all of your prayers. I hope you all have a great week! Read the Book of Mormon if you aren't... and give one to someone else to read if you are. If there is anything I have learned on my mission it is that the Book of Mormon is not only true, but it will bless us more than anything else. I love it and I know that you guys will be blessed too if you read it and share it.

I love you!

Love, Cassidy

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