Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter from Cassidy 1-6-14

Well it has been one interesting week! I got punched in the face by a grandma, "camped" in 30 degree weather, and had the coolest tour of my mission... in Spanish. And also I rang in the new year wearing a turtle neck. SUCCESS
Okay. I will explain. Starting with getting decked in face. So we were at this old lady's house (well she tried to tell us that she was only 58 but I am like 100 percent sure that she was AT least 80) anyways, so she is super spastic and randomly would like get super intense and yell and just go crazy. And when we were leaving she was like "HUGS!!" and I was like... okay... calm down... okay... so she gives me a hug, then she goes to give my companion a hug and she like had some kind of spasm and punched me right in the nose SO HARD. I literally could not help but tear up because she totally knocked the wind right out of me. And then my nose went numb. And I was trying to hide my pain because I didn't want to hurt her feelings... and let's be honest that is super embarrassing to get so injured from someone so old.. but it was so painful. Hahah it was really funny and also embarrassing but what can I do?
And I went camping!.... inside of a 200 year old house.... with a broken heater. IT WAS 30 DEGREES INSIDE. .. and I was on an air mattress. So it really was camping. There was a miracle though.. I happened to get the package with the sleeping bag inside of it earlier that day... so I didn't die! It was so cold though, I had to sleep with my fat coat on. My companion had her mittens on her feet. We weren't anticipating it so we just packed regular pajamas... and yeah that didn't cut it. It was so funny.. I felt like I was a boy scout Klondike camping or something. My towel actually FROZE... like it had icicles on it.  Once again... I am on a STATESIDE mission... you would think I was in like Outer Siberia with these types of things. Oh well we made the most of it, and it sure made me thankful for the nice warm apartment we live in!
Saturday we had the COOLEST tour at Kirtland! So this family from Mexico ( I think that was it) came in... and only the father spoke English. Then TWO minutes later these missionaries with their investigators (who are originally from Puerto Rico) come in.. and they only speak Spanish. So I was like... hmm... this is going to be interesting. I mean I know a little Spanish, but nothing related to the tours at all. So we went out.. and it was really just a miracle that both groups came in at the same time (I forgot to mention... we hardly ever have people come in who only speak Spanish so the fact that both groups came in at once was crazy) because they instantly became friends and the family from Mexico was able to like  explain things. Okay so we were in the School of the Prophets, and I had them read something in Spanish.. and the spirit was SO strong. And then I bore my testimony.. and one of the ladies said (in Spanish)  that she didn't understand what I said... but she felt so good and that it felt so pure. And that she couldn't explain the feelings she was having.. but that they were incredible. It was so neat because I was sort of worried about them not understanding anything I was saying.. and if they would still have a good experience. But it was amazing because even though there was a language barrier, they were still able to feel the spirit so strong. It was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is just using me to reach out to people, and he can do that no matter what language it is. It was such a neat tour and it really strengthened me and helped me feel how much Heavenly Father loves the. Being a missionary is really just the coolest thing ever.
We had another cool experience on Wednesday! So we were out tracting.. and it was super ridiculously cold.. (okay it wasn't too bad I am just a whimp) anyways NO ONE was answering the door.. so we were just becoming iceicles and barely making it... and I prayed that someone would open their door, and let us in to share a message. Then we were walking by this house and my companion says "they don't even look home should we even bother trying" and I really felt like we should. So we walked on up and I kocked on the door... and then someone knocked back. Classic. I knew it was going to be good. This older lady opened the door and started talking to us and said that she had  a Book of Mormon.. but that she won't read it because she is happy with her church. And then we kept talking.. and she went "You know what get inside I will make you hot chocolate and we can talk more" ANSWER TO MY PRAYER. So we went inside, she made us hot chocolate, and then we got to talk to her about the church! It was so neat! We were there for like an hour.. she was telling us that she had been to an LDS church before awhile ago, and she really warmed up to our message. It was so cool. By the time she left she was like "Come back soon please!" IT WAS SO COOL.
Some other highlights of the week:
-Candy is still the coolest person ever. We have an appointment scheduled to go see her this week!
-Jean is also the coolest human ever. We talked to him yesterday and he was so nice and was like "Yes you need to come back over and teach me more!" So super pumped for that. I have such a good feeling about him.
-This member told us to go knock on their neighbors door.. and we did... and they want us to come back and teach their family. MIRACLE! That is literally a dream come true.
-An UN-highlight.... I was at Kirtland... and I was going down the stairs singing "Jingle bells batman smells robin laid an egg" in the loudest most obnoxious voice imaginable... and I get down the stairs.. and BAM mission president is right there at the bottom. No one even told me He was in the building. SO yeah, that happened. It is a miracle I haven't been sent home yet haha.
 Anyways.. we just have so many good things on the verge of happening and it is going to be so good when they all work out... I might not even be able to handle it. Okay I will but I am just really excited.
I am hoping it will warm up so we can actually be missionaries this week. As of now we aren't allowed to go out at all today or tomorrow because the weather is so bad... so lots of time to call people and study! But then later this week we will work extra hard to find and teach people. I know that we are being so blessed in this area and that Heavenly Father is helping us.
I am really excited that it is a new year! I have been thinking a lot this week about what things I want to work on. But the other day it hit me that I was setting the goals that I want for myself.. which are great... but I should be setting the goals that God wants me to set too. So I have been focusing on that. You all should think about that too! I am going to work on relying on the Savior more to help me find people and teach people. And I am also going to work harder on studying the scriptures, and being even more focused and dedicated to my mission.
I found some cool scriptures this week and one of my favorites is Romans 8:35-39.. nothing can separate us from Christ's love. And when we strive to come closer to him we can feel that love even more! I know this is so true and I see it everyday!
Thanks for everything I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!
Love Cassidy

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