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June 2, 2014 Letter from Cassidy

June 2, 2014


It feels like I was just emailing! But here we are again. It was a good week! We found some really cool new people and were super busy so it was great! 

So I can't remember if I mentioned her before..but we found this lady named Bridget a few weeks ago. Well we went back to visit her... and she wasn't home. And as we were walking back to the car we saw some people a little ways away.. and 90 percent of me was like "eh just get in the car" but for some reason we were like.. we will just go over to them and give them a card. So we go over.. and it was Bridget! And she was like unnaturally excited to see us. Which was fun. Her sister Nina was with her, and we had a super awesome discussion! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and how we can be with our families forever and they were all over it. They both are a tiny bit crazy (but that is to be expected out here) and kept telling us all these stories about how they have died and came back to life and they know there is a God and heaven. But they are really willing to learn so we aren't complaining. And they LOVE us. Seriously Bridget (oh by the way she said "You can just call me Big Mama... that is what everyone around here calls me."... I said it once to her and it was too weird hahah so I am gonna stick with Bridget.) Anyways after I said the closing prayer she hugged me and kissed my cheek and was like "I love you so much babes!" hahah she is crazy but it is super fun. I am expecting some quality stuff from her. 

Also we were able to see Clark again and it was SO COOL! We taught him about how Christ's church has been restored and about the Book of Mormon.. and he said "I have been searching for the truth for such a long time... and I think that this might be it." I basically started jumping up and down telling him it is the truth.. but we are gonna let him find out from reading it. It is so cool how true the Book of Mormon is and how when people actually read it and are willing to pray about it.. they can't deny that it is true. Because it is and I love that book more than I ever thought possible. 

Yesterday we got another new investigator named Gerald. He is the sweetest older guy ever. Even though he wasn't wearing a shirt and he was so hairy that he could have been a wolf.. he is super cool. So he is christian but hasn't gone to church in about a million years.. and he said that he has been feeling really lost and in need of guidance lately.. and then BAM we appear. No coincidence there. We taught him about praying.. and then I taught him how to pray. And then he said a prayer and told God he was really thankful for Him sending us to him. It was so nice. I think one of my favorite things about being a missionary is teaching people how to pray and then hearing them do it. It is so sincere and just always brings the coolest spirit. 

We are going to dinner with Karen (the miracle) tonight! I am so excited. She really is the miracle of my mission. Everyone pray that things go well! 

We had a meeting at the Morely Farm on Friday and it was so neat! So you probably don't know much about it, because I didn't.. haha anyways so it is in Kirtland, Joesph Smith lived there for a while.. and there was a really important conference that was held there where some incredible things happened. It is called the Sacred Grove of Kirtland because it is so beautiful, and because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared there as well.  So you can only imagine how incredible the spirit is there! I wish I could actually explain it, but I can't. But it was a beautiful, peaceful morning, and I swear I wasn't in Ohio. 

Karl Anderson taught us, which is always good because he knows everything about Kirtland. He is a legend. Anyways one thing we learned really stuck out to me. So Joesph Smith was living at the Morely Farm.. and then he learned the farm was being sold and so they had nowhere to live. At this point he was 25, had just adopted 2 children.. and was also the Prophet of the church.. so naturally that was a huge trial to not know where to live. But Karl talked a lot about how that trial was preparing him for all of the things he would have to experience later. I mean being homeless is nothing compared to being in Liberty Jail. But he shared D& C 64:33  33 "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." which was received here.. and he said "You can't ever be big if you aren't small. We all have problems, but as we conquer them, they truly do make us stronger. The trials we are going through right now, are preparing us for the trials we will face in the future." 

It was so good! And true. And I think that is an awesome way to look at everything we go through! It is all an opportunity to learn and to prepare for the future. And if we have faith in the Lord and a positive attitude than everything we go through will be for our benefit! 

Some other fun things that happened this week.. I got to go back to the bug house.. that was fun! We got to help plant flowers at Kirtland so now it is super pretty! It is finally starting to feel like summer and I love it so much that I might actually die. After that winter that seemed to never end, having warm sunny weather is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And people are about a billion times nicer now that it is warmer. I guess they have a reason to be happy now.  So everything is really just looking up! Oh and I forgot, two of our investigators, Christian and Elissia, said they are going to work to get baptized! We are so excited! It is awesome to see people making progress. 

Haha so the other night we went this like barbeque dinner (except everyone here calls them a "cook out" it is really weird) anyways this lady gave me the worlds largest piece of cake.. it was seriously bigger than my head. So I took it to go because I would literally die if I ate it.. so we were driving down the road and I yelled at my companion to pull the car over.. so she did.. and I yelled at this couple that was walking down the street.. and they came to the car and I said "Do you want a piece of cake?" and if you could have seen the look on the ladies face.. she was like "What?" and I explained I didn't want it and she like gets all suspicious and said "Where did you get this cake" and I was like I am not trying to poison you just TAKE THE CAKE.... haha and so she took it and started pigging out. And it made he whole day. And my companion thought I was the biggest freak in the world. haha probably true. 

And... I think that is about all that happened last week! It was quick. Next week is transfers ALREADY.. I swear I just got to this area. I am about 90 percent sure I will be staying.. but I might get a new companion. Change is always fun! Anyways I have to get going. I hope you have a good week! I love you! 

Love Cassidy

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