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Letter August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Well hello!

I am here and happy to say that no one kicked me off of their property this week! So basically you could say it was a pretty good week. I actually was just thinking about sending a picture because I think it sums up my life better than anything I write can....but I guess I will come up with something to say too.

This was a week of a lot of tracting. We are on a mission to find some new people.. and it is sorta a slow process.. but the good news is it is always entertaining! I will just include a picture now so you can understand who I am dealing with out here.

Yep this is real life people. This is Rich. We walked up to his house and he was standing there painting these creepy doll statues without a shirt on and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He is really nice though. Him and his wife Pam loved us. They were giving us all of their lives stories... down to him delivering their first child, him going to war... I mean you name it we heard about it. But honestly it felt good to be around some crazy old folks again. I haven't hung out with any in awhile. And I am sorry but this is just the funniest thing ever. It sums up my life perfectly.

We also started teaching this lady we met named Christine... she is very... interesting. She is obsessed with stuffed animals. And she told us that she is going to get a pet raven. I think I will be getting some quality stories from teaching her! Stay tuned for those gems.

We got another new investigator named Nibby. She is almost 21, and she is so nice. She has had a really rough life. She lived in Jordan for like 10 years and I guess her dad was not the best guy... and about a year ago her mom committed suicide. It is just such a sad situation. But we were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation and how she can be with her mom and her family forever, and it was a really powerful lesson. I felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that it is true and man I am more grateful every single day that I know that. I am glad that we are able to teach her and I hope that we can help her feel some peace and hope. It was a huge blessing that we were able to meet her and I know it was definitely no coincidence. And another cool thing was- she lives with her grandparents, and we were meeting in the front room.. and like halfway through her grandpa turned off the TV so that he could listen to us too! It was awesome.

Also I went on exchanges this week... so I went to a different area. It was North Olmstead/Westlake.. and it was really fun to see a different part of Ohio! And I had a pretty funny experience. So we stopped by this guy who I guess the other sisters had been meeting with until his fiance got super mad and told them they weren't allowed to come back.. so yeah not really sure why we were going back but anyways I just went with it... we go and the guy Gary was super nice, but his fiance was not a happy camper. She gave him the Book of Mormon and told him to give it back to us, and he felt really bad because he actually does want to learn more (he actually said that the missionaries finding him was an answer to his prayers.. ) but he said he can't learn right now because of her. Which is really sad. But he super dramatically and slowly walked over to me... then he slowly kissed the Book of Mormon and said "It's like kissin the feet of Jesus".. and then handed it to me.... and I had no clue how to react. It was one of the funniest/dramatic things I have ever seen. It was classic.

On exchanges we spent a lot of time trying to find people whose addressed didn't exist... and I hate that. Then I went to give these guys a card and my hair got totally stuck in a tree so I looked like the biggest idiot literally stuck in a tree. Hopefully they at least check out the website so it was worth it haha. Also I don't know what happened but lately I have just gotten super bold with people.. I have just got a little tired of lame excuses and I have a strong testimony that what we invite people to do is actually important.. and I have been a lot more upfront with people. Because there is just no time to waste on unimportant things and people need to realize that. . Like this guy said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true but that he just doesn't have time to come to church because he needs to work in his yard on Sunday.... and I was just like baffled by that comment...  so I told him that (In a nice way don't worry) that God blesses us with everything we have the least we can do is give him 3 hours on Sunday. And I bore my testimony that every sacrifice we feel like we make for God will be more than made up. Which I can completely say I know is true because I have felt that so much while serving a mission. I have given a lot of good things up to be here.. but the blessings I have already received far outweigh any sacrifice I have made. And he couldn't deny that. Hopefully he starts going to church.  Oh and I asked this lady who was walking her dog if I could give her a card and she said "No I am sorry I am too busy right now." ..... too... busy.... to take a card? What does that even mean? People amaze me sometimes haha.

We had a pretty solid lesson with Brother Clapper too. He is the hairy pork chop guy. Even though he canceled on us once because he had to watch a "really important tv show".... I mean that is low flaming us for TV come on people. Anyways it was terrifying and hysterical all at the same time. So we were talking about the Word of Wisdom because we are trying to help him quit smoking... and he said "I know I need to do it... I just am lazy. I mean there are a lot of things I should do. Like I should probably shower every day... or at least every other day... but I don't do that either...." Me and my companion BOTH DIED. I am grateful we meet outside where there is fresh air. That comment made the hairy sweaty pork chops we had to eat 10 times nastier. Then as we were leaving he said "are either of your vegetarians?" (which... obviously not we ate pork chops...) but then he said "I am going to have you over for dinner again and make you something really good." I better start praying now that I somehow move or break a leg or something happens so I don't have to eat there again. I survived it once I better not push my luck.

We got to spend a few hours last night at the hospital visiting a sweet lady in our ward who is sick. Her name is sister Ientile. It was really fun because I knew that we were really helping her. It is so true that when you are serving other people you are the happiest. I totally feel that way. At the end of the day I feel so much better when I know that I was actually able help someone. And one of the nurses was so nice and said to me an my companion "You guys brighten up this whole place. You have something in your eyes that just makes people want to be around you! I don't know what it is but it just make me feel happier!" It was probably the coolest compliment ever.. and the answer to her question is THE GOSPEL. It is hard to not be happy when we get to teach people about the best thing everrrrr.

Let's see what else happened... I think that was mostly it. It was kind of a slow week. I am a little bit glad that summer is almost over because then people will have more set schedules and maybe the will stop canceling on us (seriously on Saturday FIVE of our appointments canceled.... it was at the point where it was getting comical.) But also the thought of winter coming makes me want to cry myself to sleep. I just want it to be 75 degrees for the rest of my mission.. is that too much to ask? Maybe. But still. Oh man like we didn't get to meet with Mark and Sarah AGAIN. Heart was broken. I am dying to know how he is doing with the no smoking. I guess I need another lesson on patience or something haha. PRAY we get to see them this week.

Anyways I will stop my rambling. I hope that you guys all have a good week! Thanks for your prayers and emails and letters and for actually having the patience to read this boring letter! I love and miss you a lot!

LOVE Cassidy

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