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Letter from Cassidy 8-25-14

August 25, 2014

Guess what.... Today is my 50th Preparation day! Can you believe I have sent 50 of these letters? That is crazy. And to celebrate... I will send the shortest letter I have sent so far! Congrats you don't have to hear me ramble as much! hahah.

Today has been a super fun busy day. We got to go to Cleveland and go to the zoo and out to lunch! It was really fun. I got to wear PANTS everyone. I felt like I was a normal person. I almost forgot that I have legs. But it took a billion hours so that is why this will be so short.

Overall it was a pretty good week! But actually not too much happened. We had a zone conference, my companion got sick so we had to stay in, and then we were in charge of this big ward barbecue/activity on Saturday so we spent most of our week getting things ready for that... so I don't feel like I got to do a lot of missionary work which KILLED me. Literally I think I almost died.  I am really excited to just get to work this week!

But I will just tell you about some of the highlights of the week!

So things are going awesome with Nibby. She is the nicest girl ever. We met and she said that she had studied and prayed about the Plan of Salvation and she really believes it is true and that it brings her a lot of comfort. As completely cheesey as this sounds I can honestly see that this is making her happier. And it just totally makes my whole day knowing that I am fufilling my purpose in helping people feel the peace of the Gospel. She always is so grateful when we come and it is super refreshing because half the time I feel like we are begging people to let us come back. But Nibby is great.

Another cool lesson was with this lady named Charlotte. I can't remember if I talked about her before or not... anyways she is older, her husband recently passed away, and she is still super depressed about that. But we got to teach her about the Plan of Salvation too and man was it good. We read the verse in the Book of Mormon about how right now is the time for her to prepare to meet God, and  we told her it is the time for her to prepare to meet her husband again, and the spirit was so strong. She started crying and said that she is going to keep learning and hopefully get baptized. She is a really sweet lady and once again it is just the coolest thing ever to see the spirit touch people and give them hope. It is amazing the power the spirit has to help people feel happier. Nothing really can compare to teaching people that they can be with their family forever. I feel so grateful for that knowledge because now that I am on my mission and am way more appreciative of my family, nothing means more to or motivates me more than knowing I can be with them forever if I do what God asks.

the "Great Dog Lie" (me having to lie to people and tell them they have a cute dog when it is actually super ugly) is up to 42 in the past 4 weeks. That is a lot of ugly dogs. And  lot of lying.... I should probably repent for that. haha.

The barbecue was super fun and we had like 60 non members and less active members come! So it was a huge success. We were in charge of the kid activities while all the adults/non members took a tour of the church to learn more about it. And yeah it is official I don't want kids for another 3054 years. Okay it wasn't that bad haha. We did some fun games like a donut on a string eating contest and all that good stuff. It was fun but I am sure glad it is over.

Let's see.. what else... a few people flammed us as usual. We got to do some solid tracting. On one street we met two old guys from Greece... and they definitely smelled like old European men.. haven't figured out what deodorant is apparently... but that was entertaining. Had a good discussion with a lady from Estonia who ranted for like 79 hours about Americans being overweight. She did come to church though so that was cool!  One door I rang the doorbell and I didn't think it worked so I knocked on the door... then this lady came and yelled at me and said "I DONT HAVE WINGS, I HAVE TWO BAD KNEES" and it was terrifying and funny at the same time. And she wouldn't even take my picture of Christ. People these days.

Yeah seriously a slow week... I guess it was boring for all of us. Minus Jaxon and Colin. But hey, there is always next week! One perk I did find the best ice cream in all of Ohio everyone so don't worry. Also.. next week is transfers. I can't believe I have been full proselyting for 5 weeks already. It has flown by!  But it sure has been a great experience. I have a feeling I am headed back to Kirtland... and I am not totally sure how I feel about it. Being full proseltyting is definitely easier I must say. And as weird as it is.. my call is to Kirtland and I almost feel like that is where I need to be. I guess I will have to be patient and wait and see! I offered my mission president money yesterday to give me a hint... but yeah I got shut down. Whatever happens I have total faith that it will be what I need and what the people I am serving need. It is amazing to me that everything I have gone through on my mission has been so perfectly tailored to what I needed to learn. Every area and every companion has totally made me a better person and I just love it. I have such a strong testimony that this work is completely inspired and I feel super blessed to just be right in the middle of it.

I have to go.. sorry this is seriously the lamest email ever I feel like a loser. I apologize if you are bored to tears right now.  But what can ya do... I will make up for it next week!

I hope you all have a good week! I LOVE YOU!

Love Cassidy

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