Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 9-16-14


Well it was a super good week. I am doing great, my companion is super awesome and is somehow surviving having me as a trainer, and we are having lots of fun experiences in our area. AND we have a ton of cool things coming up so it is just an exciting month.

So we have Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices coming this weekend.. and the tickets are gone for all 4 shows.. and apparently it is the best missionary event ever, so we are really excited to see how it helps the work progress here! And I am just super excited to go to it.  And then next week Elder Teh is coming to give training to our mission, so that should be really good. And then it is General Conference! And then the transfer will be over. So officially it is best month and I am super pumped. And  yes I realize that this makes me a total missionary nerd but I am over it. Just embrace it. I promise I will be normal when I get home. Maybe.

So lets see what even happened this week. Oh I know... it turned into WINTER. It literally was in the 40s and it was so cold I had to pull out my tights and boots. It was a travesty! I almost just sat on the floor and cried.. but I decided to man up and deal with it.  It is only September though.. and if it decides to skip straight to winter then I am going to demand a refund.

SO now that I have officially talked about the weather... things in terms of missionary work were good! This area is struggling a little bit in terms of investigators... so we spend a good amount of time working with less actives. Which is still really good. We got to help this guy named Brother Goodenough (yes that is his real name... ) pull weeds in the rain. That was fun.

We have a couple of investigators who are doing pretty good! Well they are doing okay. Well actually things could be better. We have one investigator named Susie who we had a super big miracle with last Tuesday. She hadn't been texting us back or anything for like 6 days so we were super stressed out and then out of nowhere she texted us telling us that she wants to get baptized! So we had a super awesome lesson the other night and she was SO excited about getting baptized and it was all set for October 11th, and we were all just really happy about it. So then an hour after the lesson all the sudden out of nowhere she texted us telling us she didn't want to meet anymore or get baptized... and we were so confused. So we spent the next few days wallowing in depression (okay that is a bit dramatic but we were pretty bummed about it) and then last night she texted us and said she wants to meet with us again. We are not sure what to expect but we are at least happy she is willing to meet. We are praying that we can help fix whatever happened. Because she is seriously really awesome and the spirit was super strong and she knows it is true.

So the town of Chardon that I work in had a meltdown this past week. So a few years ago there was a school shooting and this guy killed 3 people I belief. Really a sad story. So Thursday night... he somehow ESCAPED PRISON. Not sure how that even happens anymore. So we were getting calls in the middle of the night.. and then the whole town was in a frenzy. We were walking around the town square and there were a bunch of reporters. They tried to interview me and I had to decline. Would have been fun though haha. The good news is apparently they found him.. but it was still a little crazy. Good ol Ohio. I really do like Chardon a lot though! It has the cutest little main square with awesome little restaurants. And a good farmers market. We had some fun adventures exploring old antique stores and eating fresh apples! My companion is super funny and we both like all of the same nerdy children movies like Lizzie McGuire and Arthur and we have a really similar sense of humor so we spend like half of our lives laughing our heads off. It's a good time I am really enjoying life right now.

Oh and there is an awesome less active girl in my area named Fiona. She is in her 20s, but she has had a ton of horrible things happen in her life so she kinda hates God and since she has a lot of medical problems she is slow.. but man visiting her is the best thing ever. We went over the other night and she started telling us about how she hates the world.. and then she like flopped on to her bed and said "Peanut butter is the only thing that makes me feel good about myself." and then we looked over and sitting by the bed was the world's largest jar of peanut butter (literally it was about the size of a bucket) with a huge spoon stuck in it. We were laughing so hard that we almost died. And then when she found out that we haven't seen the movie Mulan 2.. she got so upset and swore and then said "GO HOME RIGHT NOW and get on netflix and watch it"  and started yelling... hahah it was too good.

I also talked to a super crazy person on the phone at Kirtland the other day. He was from England, and he literally talked to me about how Christmas is satanic for 30 minutes. It would have been miserable but he was so dramatic and like yelling so it was actually entertaining. And then we spent the day dealing with a trillion "trolls" (as all the senior missionaries call them. It is actually really funny because they will say "be careful of the trolls" and they are really dramatic so it cracks us up because they act like they are actually trolls.) anyways we got about 100 people who would come on asking us about "battletoad" and I almost pulled my hair out. But I am not bald so no worries. And I didn't even get mad at the one billion "lucifers" I had to chat with.

We did have some good tours at Kirtland this week though! It isn't super busy but we are still getting quite a few people coming in. The coolest experience we had was with this group of people who were in town for a convention or something, and they only had a little bit of time so we had to do a fast tour. And we were in the Whitney Store and I was talking about the power of the Book of Mormon and I shared my testimony and talked about how it blessed my life.. and I know that it wasn't what I said but the spirit was just really strong and like 3 people were crying and then this guy shared how the Book of Mormon changed his life and it was really powerful. That has really become my favorite part of taking tours is getting to hear hundreds of people share why they know the Book of Mormon is true and how it has blessed their lives. Like regardless of what any one in the world can say about it not being true... there are so many people who have seen real blessings from reading it, and I have seen that SO much on my mission, and there is no denying that. I am in my 10th time reading it on my mission and I can honestly say there is nothing that has helped me more while I have been here than reading the Book of Mormon. I know I say it like every single week but I just love it so much. SO I HOPE YOU ARE ALL READING IT and if you aren't, then start. And if you have never read it, then READ IT. I promise it will bless you.

And yeah.

Speech over.

And email time over.

Haha yeah okay I have to get going, but I love you all and I miss you! I will talk to you next Thursday! Have a good trillion weeks until I talk to you again!

Love Cassidy  

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