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Cassidy's Letter September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

Dun dun dun dun....

Drumroll please....

Well folks here it is. I am getting transferred.... AGAIN. For the one millionth time of my mission. haha I swear I am always packing up and saying goodbye to people. I really should be used to it by now. But I am not and it is still really hard every single time. But... the PLOT TWIST is... I got called to finish training a new missionary! Her trainer is going home this week, so I will be doing the last half of her training. Which is exciting and super terrifying all at the same time. Because A. HUGE shoes to fill. B. I don't know the area or anything.... so it is going to be a challenge to train in a place where I know nothing/no one. But I am really excited about it! It will be fun to be with a new missionary and I am sure that I will learn so much from her. SO that is the news of the week! So from now on.. no mail to Lorain. Send it all to:

7800 Kirtland-Chardon Road
Kirtland, Ohio 44094

In other news it was a super awesome week! One of the highlights was that Nibby has a baptismal date for October first! IT KILLS ME that I won't get to be there (this is the story of everyone of my mission) but it is so exciting that she is going to get baptized. We had an amazing lesson with her. She told us that she has seen her life change since the day she met us.. and she said "I know that Heavenly Father brought you guys into my life." Then she told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and that she knows it is true. She said "there is something about it that is different than the bible... it feels more true" it was so cool! She said she takes it everywhere with her because she feels like it protects her. And as we were talking about baptism and stuff she said "I will give up everything to know God better." It was incredible. The spirit was so strong! She really is like the miracle of my time here in Lorain. I feel so blessed that I got to know and help her! I was really sad to say goodbye. Leaving is the worst sometimes.

It is actually kinda crazy because even though I was only here 6 weeks.. this place really feels like home already. And I have gotten to know some really amazing people. Yesterday two older ladies started full on crying hysterically when I said I was leaving. It was like heart breaking and so sweet at the same time. I didn't really realize that anyone here liked me enough to cry... it was crazy. One lady was not happy and said "They can't take you. This is not fair. Can I cry? (then she started crying and I gave her a hug and told here the new sister will be great, and she said "No she won't be like you.)" It was pretty tender. It is always nice to feel so loved! Also this guy in the ward did the NICEST thing ever. So he took us out to the most delicious restaurant ever which was already so nice... and I asked the waiter if they sold t shirts (because I collect a t-shirt from all my areas) and he said they had one left... so at the end of the meal I asked if I could buy it, and the Brother who took us out to dinner said "Just add it to my check" which was honestly the nicest thing ever because I know that he doesn't have very much money at all, but he was willing to sacrifice for me. I tried to tell him no but he insisted and said "I was thinking about it all of dinner. I really want to get it for you. I want you to know that even though you were only here 6 weeks, you made a big difference and we really appreciate you." IT WAS SO NICE I almost cried. I don't even know how I got to be so blessed and be surrounded by so many nice people. Heavenly Father really loves me.

Let's see what else happened... well some random funny things. These one members had us over for lunch and had a like naked person statue and tried to cover it by putting a hat on it. That was humorous. OH and guess what... I SURVIVED CECIL for the last time and he didn't even kill me. I am slightly glad I never have to return there again that is all I can say. We say Rich and Pat again... (the one shirtless guy) luckily he put on a shirt. But holy cow they had SO MUCH DOG HAIR in their house I almost died. Like there were piles and piles of black dog hair... so creepy. But it was cool because we got to teach them about the Book of Mormon and they were really excited about it. They even offered us money... and I said no. And then they said "Can we at least give you guys money so you can treat yourselves to ice cream?" (Man they know how to tempt me) hahah. But I told them the best way to repay us will be to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.. so hopefully they do!

Man people were just so nice to us this week. This investigatorish lady named Kieta (the one from Estonia) took us out to dinner. She was sad I was leaving too. She told me (in her awesoem accent) "I know you are fearless... but use your head. God gave it to you for a reason." Fair enough. And then later that night our investigators Daniel and Chase took us out to this homemade ice cream place... I mean why am I getting so blessed? We had the coolest lesson with them too. We taught they about the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong. I haven't gotten to meet with them too much.. but I guess they haven't acted too interested.. but then we taught them the plan of salvation and they loved it. Chase said the closing prayer and it was the most sincere prayer I have ever heard! Then they texted us and told us that they love meeting with us and they are very interested in our religion. It is so cool to see people really starting to progress here! But also hard because I am leaving. I am just glad that I got to play at least a little bit of  a part in these people receiving the Gospel.

So... guess who we got to see last night... HAIRY PORK CHOP. So we knocked on the door and he opens it and wasn't wearing a shirt... all I can say is hairy pork chop indeed. Some things I want to unsee. Thankfully he put on a shirt. It was the most comical lesson I have had in a long time. So we met outside and he knocked his bike over and it fell on his creepy hairy little chihuahua dog and he like ran and was like "Bella baby are you okay??" and was being so dramatic and my companion was laughing so hard and he was on the verge of tears and I was just dying. Then during the lesson we were talking about how quitting smoking will help him change his life... and he said "Yeah then I will finally be able to lose weight. I mean I am fat. And it isn't because I eat too much. It is because I can't exercise and burn the little bit that I do eat." hahah okay. Then he said "And if I quit.. then I can finally do the things I want. Like make my album. And make a movie about my life. And also get married and have a child. I know I am 57, but I look very young for my age." LKASJDO:SIAJ WHAT??? Me and my companion both about lost it. Hahah he is seriously hilarious and insane. Nice guy. Good times. At least he knows that if he does what God asks he will be happier. He isn't totally crazy.

Overall it was an amazing last week here in Lorain. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve here. It has been the best experience. It almost felt like a working vacation. I got to meet so many incredible people.. and most of all I got to see the gospel change even more people's lives. It really is so true that living the gospel brings happiness and that this is the Lord's work. It is so cool that I get to be a part of it.

I am excited for this next week! I hope that I can be a good trainer for my new companion. Pray for me! and for her... because let's be honest... I am crazy. Hopefully I won't tramatize her and make her go home. haha.

Well I have a billion more things I could say but I am out of time! All I can say is I am grateful for the Gospel and I am grateful to know that Heavenly Father is in all the small details of life. I see Him using me to bless His other children and that is the greatest blessing in the world.

I hope you have a great week! I LOVE YOU.

Love Cassidy

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