Sunday, November 16, 2014

11-12-14 Cassidy's letter from Ohio


Well biggest plot twist of this week... I got called to train a new missionary who is coming next week! IM SO EXCITED. It is really actually so weird because training takes 2 transfers and I leave in like a transfer and 2 weeks... so I won't finish training her.. but it is so meant to be. It is exactly what I need. I can't think of a better way to end my mission than to help someone else start theirs! It is going to help me so much to stay focused and working hard and not thinking about home which is just what I want. I really want to make the most of each day I have left here. ALSO... one of the sisters who is coming graduated from culinary school.. So I need everyone to start praying RIGHT NOW that she will be who I am with. That would be a dream. haha.

So that was good news. And we had a really good week!

Started a little interesting. Last Tuesday we went to a less active's house... and she was legit high on cocaine. It was the craziest thing. We didn't know she was until we had been there a bit. But she was acting so insane. She was talking super fast and then would be like "I painted my nails look" and then she would listen to our lesson and say that she needs to quit drugs so she can be happy again.. and then all the sudden she would like breath really deep and it sounded like darth vader (or however you spell that) and say "I am going to die from lung cancer listen". It was funny but mostly just really sad. It is so depressing to see people so deep in addiction and see how sad it makes them. Really made me grateful that if we don't ever drink or do any of that stuff we won't ever have to become addicted and let it control our lives. It is interesting how many people thing stuff like that will cure their problems and it never does. BUT the cool thing is people can overcome it and I am praying she will be able to.

We had another awesome lesson with Jerry! He has still been reading The Book of Mormon everyday and it is so cool to see the change he has made. He is honestly so much happier and the fact that his legs aren't hurting when they have been for years.. is just so awesome. I am sorry but no book that is made up could bring someone so much happiness and completely change them. It is one of the coolest miracles I have seen on my mission! Proves that doing really simple things can allow God to give us huge blessings.

We got to see Fiona again. Always an adventure. This time she showed us some old videos of her and her "band" called "The Pussycats". There was one where they were trying to rap and would say "We're the pussycats... yeah.... we're the pussycats.. meow" and Fiona was like dancing to it and thought it was the greatest thing ever hahah it was the best. I wish everyone could meet her. You just can't help but be happy when you're with her. And we are making progress with her! So she hates the church because someone said something mean to her once, and it really wasn't anything but she does have a mental disorder that causes her to hold on to things like that, anyways but she is starting to let us sing church songs with her! We sang the primary song about prayer.. and it was so neat. The spirit was super strong and she was just beaming and the whole time I felt God's love for her so strong. It was one of those times where I realize that I am just here to do God's work and He cares so much about Fiona that He needed me to come here to help her feel how much He loves here. It was a really special experience. After Fiona did say "My best friend is Jewish and so I am trying to transfer" hahah so there is that. hahah

I got to do my very favorite thing ever this week..... SING WITH NUNS. I was actually secretly praying that I would get transferred so that I wouldn't have to sing in this production.. but NOPE. Not that lucky. They are just so intense and overly dramatic about it. The funniest thing is the lady in my branch who is making us do it. First of all she had us to lunch before practice and fed us the scariest pizza and gave us carrots that were covered in white mold. Scary times. Then she was freaking out about transfers and said "You need to tell your mission president to send someone here who knows The Messiah already" and I was like..... are you serious? The point of our missions is not to sing in a production. Haha it was hilarious. The funniest part is my companion who is getting transferred is an amazing singer and does really good.. and I am the one left and man my poor new companion who is brand new. This is gonna be a hoot. I literally just have to mouth the words because I have no clue what is going on. I wish you could see it haha. Anyways that is that nightmare.

So the bummer of this week was we didn't get to see a SINGLE ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS. Yeah basically a catastrophe. Apparently the whole world is like sick or out of town or who knows what. I wanted to pull my hair out but I didn't don't worry. This week is looking a lot better though! Sam is for sure getting baptized on the 30th.. and I WILL BE HERE! I am so excited. I never get to be at the baptisms. This is an early Christmas miracle! And we have a new investigator who is ready and wants to get baptized... she is 17 and SO COOL, she is just waiting to be officially adopted so that she can. It is supposed to be soon so hopefully she will get baptized in the beginning of December! Lots of sweet things are coming up it is so fun. And so awesome I will get to be here for it all :) Heavenly Father is the best.

And the Graves are just the best. I can't even tell you how amazing it has been to see their family change. From my first Sunday here until now they are completely different. They are so much more unified and happy and the spirit is stronger in their home.. and I feel like I should be used to it by now... but I will never get over how much of a difference it makes when people are living the Gospel and putting it first in their lives. It doesn't make everything perfect by any means, but it makes people happy and hopeful. And that is why I am here and I feel so blessed to see all these people change.

And yesterday was my very last zone conference. It is so bizarre that I am at the point of having my "last" of things. Time goes so fast. We got to watch Meet the Mormons and it was so good! I was really impressed.

ANDdddddd I have to go! But it was a super awesome week! I will be emailing on Tuesday like normal next week. We have lots of cool stuff planned and I am excited. Pray our investigators will return from the dark abyss they somehow disappeared to...great thanks.


Love Cassidy

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