Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 11-18-14

Merry Christmas!

It literally is the dead of winter here all of the sudden. We have a ton of snow and it is freezing. I want summer back. But despite it being a frozen tundra... we had a super fun week!

It started with the GRIMMS my favorite Germans! So okay funny my companion and I  have been dying to have crepes for about a year.. so I called Sister Grimm and she said "we want to take you to a mexican restaurant for lunch" but we really just secretly wanted her to make us crepes.. so I was like "We can... but we really just love your cooking" and she said "you do?" and I said "Yep.. and we heard you make really good crepes...." and then she started laughing and said "Is that what you want... crepes" and SCORE hit caught and guess what.. she made us an endless feast of delicious crepes with fruit. It was literally heaven. She thought it was hilarious that we wanted crepes. And then while we were there she kept making more and more... and she would make me dark ones.. and we had to keep eating them.. and literally I probably ate like 23 crepes. I thought I was going to die. I felt like an Elder from Tonga. hahah. But really. It was so much fun though. And in the meantime it was a massive snow storm outside. And Dieter was just being hysterical. I wish you could meet him. It was just a fun memory I will cherish forever.

And we had such a good lesson with Dieter. He is the one who won't get baptized because he promised his mom he wouldn't right before she died a long time ago. I had spent all morning praying and trying to figure out what to teach him.. and it was a huge miracle. So we had it all planned out and we were just going to use our scriptures and stuff.. but right as we were walking out the door I had a feeling like I should grab my conference ensign even though I didn't need I went and got it.. and right in the middle of our lesson with Dieter he started talking about how he can't believe what he doesn't see... and that morning I had studied a talk in the ensign from Preisdent Uchdorf that was exactly perfect for Dieter. So I read part to him and he said "That all makes sense now. I understand. That was very good" which is HUGE for him.  We are making a ton of progress. I honestly feel like the reason I am here right now is for him. He is so close. He goes to church every week, he loves it, he knows the gospel is true.. he just is not accepting it. But it is my goal while I am here! Man I just love the Grimms and crepes and the Gospel. Doesn't get better.

And then after the Grimms... we managed to get stuck in our car going up a hill... and we couldn't get anywhere... until we prayed and then not even joking we somehow started moving. PRAYER WORKS. Always.

But apparently not everyone else in Chardon knows that. Because it was a mess. It took us over 40 minutes to get 2 MILES though the little downtown. I almost lost it. We ended up having to cancel the rest of our 5 appointments because everyone driving had lost their minds. haha not a joke. It took is like an hour to do a drive that normally takes maybe 10 minutes. Ohioans these days...

Then it was really depressing.. on Friday I was supposed to go to trainers meeting in Cleveland at the mission home.. but thanks to the snow they decided to cancel it. I was super bummed.  But we did get to have a super fun dinner with the Nelsons. They are my favorite family ever! After dinner we were supposed to see this couple named the Marx.. but she called and said, while she was coughing up a lung, "I don't know if you still want to come over. I have pneumonia and Brother Marx got in a car wreck.. but you are more than welcome to come over." I was like...... yeah no thanks I don't want pneumonia. What on earth people. hahah.  Then we got to see good ol Fiona! She called us and said "I really hope you aren't driving in this freaking weather." it was actually super sweet that she was worried about us. If you only could see how much progress we have made with her. She is so happy and laughing all the time and she doesn't bring up all the bad things that have happened in her life anymore.. it is so fun to see the change. She even lets us sing hymns with her and read scriptures.. which she never let us do when I first got here. And Saturday she let us help her clean her room... which not gonna lie was terrifying and I am just going to spare you the details of that one so you don't feel sick the rest of the day... but I really just love her and love how she helps me better understand how much God loves her and me.

Then yeah things got even more interesting this week because the other sisters that we share a car with... got in an accident (they are totally fine) but the car... yeah not so much. So we are currently car-less. So we have to scrounge off of everyone and their dogs for rides and it is a nightmare! It really complicates things. But luckily we have lots of awesome members who take care of us.. like the Graves! We basically spent all day at their house on Sunday due to the lack of a vehicle. But we had a really good lunch and then an awesome lesson. OH sidenote... guess what.. Sam spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. What kind of investigator speaks in Sacrament Meeting?... it was so cool. It was the best experience to hear him and then his sisters bear their testimonies! The girls have made amazing progress. They are 12 and 13.. and I remember when we first started going over there they we not interested at all.. now they are participating, taking notes, and begging us to stay. It just makes me so happy I can't even tell you. And Sunday night we sat with them at a fireside.. and at one point they had all the missionaries stand up, and when I sat back down Megan (one of the girls) said "I wish so badly I could stand up and be a missionary" it was the cutest thing. It just such blessing to see them love the Gospel! And JoDee who is their aunt, quit smoking! She has been less active for awhile..and she is totally coming back! She is working towards the temple now :) The Graves are just the coolest part of my mission. And the baptism is a go and I can't wait.

Sunday night we also got to go to this cute old couple named the Honeningmen's house for dinner. I have never met anyone who talked so much. The best line was:
"I don't know if you know this... I don't think it is common knowledge.. but the church actually pays the Mafia to take care of the missionaries."  Ha ha ha. Good to know. She probably doesn't even know what the Mafia is. Man I love old people.

Well... that sums up my week! I ONLY HAVE 9 more preparation days left. That means 9 more of these emails...

what the heck.

Too weird. I guess we just have to enjoy it while it lasts! I am excited to start a new transfer tomorrow and to meet the new sister I will be training! It is going to be so good I know it.

I am officially a grandma. But everyone calls me a "mom" since I am training a new missionary. My companion even bought me a "Mother To Be" sash. I will include pictures. It was pretty funny.

okay well I am out! Have a good week! Love you!

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