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October 14, 2013


I can't believe it is already Monday again. Time is going so fast. I will be home like like 5 minutes at this rate. But I had another great week this week! I was mostly at Kirtland this week but I was in my area for a couple days! 

So we went tracting again for a few days.. and it hasn't been super successful.. but it is always entertaining. So I have a few funny stories! The funniest was we went to teach this lady and she was like busy having a birthday party.. so we ran into these two guys. One's name was Dontez and one was Tristian.. and they were like sorta gangsta haha I dunno they were funny. And so we taught them a short lesson about what we believe about Jesus Christ.. and then we were like gonna say a prayer.. and they wanted to say it in a circle holding hands.. so we were on the side of a road.. in a circle holding hands with these gangsters. It was actually the funniest thing ever. And then one texted us and said "I really love learning about Jesus". It was a quality time. Then the next day we were tracting and we saw this lady outside this house and she was cussing at her little children. So I was like "hmm maybe we should skip her" cause she scared me haha... but my companion was like Nope we are doing it. So we went up.. and she was so nice to us and we are going back to teach her tomorrow! haha it was funny and I learned my lesson to not count anyone out.. even if they are scary. We had a lesson one night with a guy named Maximillion.. and it was really interesting. He knew a lot about religion so it was more like a discussion than a lesson. But I learned quite a bit. 

On Wednesday we went tracting some more and I am getting so much better at it. The first few times like I was just so awkward and people just stared at me like I had just escaped the petting zoo or something.. but it has been a lot better this week haha. We taught this one lady and she was just confusing us for the people on sister wives the pologimist show so that was interesting. haha I just always say "We have ONE mom and ONE dad". And whenever we ask people if they know any Mormons they always say "well I know Mitt" and I just shake my head. haha. We went to one door and I told him we were sharing a message about Jesus Christ and he said "Well that sucks I'm an Atheist" and I said "Yeah that does" haha it was so awkward. And then the next guy (it is like 7:15 at night) he says "Ya know it is getting really late I need to get to bed" and I was like seriously it is not even 8 do not lie to me. and then the next guy came out to talk to us and then he sighs and says "Can we do this another time? I need to get my wife dinner and my dog just locked me out of my house" haha his dog literally locked him out and I was laughing so hard. Classic times. 

ThursdayFriday, and Saturday we were up in Kirtland! 
We gave a ton of tours and I am finally really starting to get a hang of it. There is so much to learn but I am catching on. There was one tour where it was some older people.. and one was in a wheelchair so I was pushing him.. and part of the trail is like woodchips.. so I am trying to push this guy on wood chips and it is the hardest and heaviest thing ever.. and he says "If it is too heavy you don't have to do it" and I was like "No it's totally fine" but I was literally pushing with all my might. Just picture that scene. It was funny. But the tours are all so neat. They are all so different and It is really just incredible to be able to teach people about the incredible things that happened here.. and see them feel the spirit. It is really neat to be able to share my testimony in the School of the Prophets and every time I am just so grateful to be here and I am constantly amazed at the incredible feeling there. I can't really even describe it. SO Fridaynight Elder Ballard arrived! We got to meet him and he said that "American Falls is a great little town" haha I was suprised he knew what it was. He also said that we must have done something right to get our calls to this mission! So when an Apostle tells you that you can't help but be happy to be here.   Then there was  a reception with delicious food.. do you remember when Colin used to make buckeyes.. well those are like a really big deal here. There are buckeyes everywere and they are so good. I had buckeye ice cream the other day. Good times. Anyways so Friday night there was like a Commemoration for Kirtland and Elder Ballard just shared so many amazing things about this place. He said that Kirtland is one of the most spiritual, desirable, sought after places in the world. He said that everyone needs to take more time to learn about the events that happened here because they changed the world. He said that we are witnessing prophecies about Kirtland being fufilled. And was talking about missionaries and he said "There are 80,000 missionaries" and then he said "We just passed 80,000" and when he said that he looked right at me ( I was in the front right in front of him) and he said it directly to me and then he smiled at me. So yeah that was basically the coolest thing ever and I was SO happy that I am a missionary. So Friday night was so awesome!

Then Saturday there was a walk and breakfast around the Kirtalnd Temple which is just beautiful. And we spend the day giving more tours and honestly I never realized how hard/stressful tours are. Like people come from all over the world to see Kirtland and the experience they have depends on me. It is a lot of pressure! But it is good and I love it.Saturday night we got to hear from Elder Ballard again and then again on Sunday! He shared so many good things I like don't even have time to type them all. But he said a lot about following promptings even if they don't make sense or you don't want to. That applies a lot to us as missionaries because sometimes the things we feel prompted to do are sorta hard. But he promised that if we do that we will have more faith in our life and that the Savior will lead us to those who truly need our help. He shared a ton about Kirtland and how it is basically the best place ever.. and I obviously loved that. He said that "The most significant spiritual experiences in the history of the world happened here at Kirtland." And he talked about how the Same Savior who lived in Jerusalem and appeared in 3rd Nephi.. appeared here in Kirtland. I can't even comprehend how significant it is, but I know that as Elder Ballard was talking the spirit was so strong. Just hearing his testimony was the most amazing thing and it really helped me better realize how important and sacred Kirtland is. And I really feel honored to get to walk and sit where Joesph Smith lived and teach other people about the incredible things that happened here. It was just such a neat weekend that I really can't even describe over email. But I learned so much from Elder Ballard and I am just excited to become a better missionary. 

Yesterday we had 2 member meals... and mom you are going to be so happy. This one family made us the BIGGEST steaks ever. Like it covered my entire plate. and it was SO good. Maybe because I haven't had steak in like 4 years.. but it was delicious. I was in heaven. And it was hilarous because they had these two little kids and they were like 6 and 8 and this boy had a HUGE piece of steak and he was straight up holding it with his hand and using his other hand to cut it with a butter knife. I was trying not to laugh but it was hysterical. And the kids ate it all. They were seriously your dream children mom. Hahah. And then this morning we had a lesson and we were able to teach about the Restoration and it went really well! And we have another lesson tonight! So things are going really great!

Well I am about out of time. But I just want to say that I love you all and I am grateful for everything you do for me! I heard this quote and I love it.. so you know how people always say missions are such sacrifices.. well there is this quote that goes "The price we pay to come closer to God is a privilege to pay." And I truly believe that. I miss you guys and sometimes my mission is hard.. but I feel truly blessed and lucky to be able to come closer to God and help others do that too. It is such a fufilling thing to be doing, and my testimony about the Savior and about the Book of Mormon have grown so much. I am grateful every day that I get to have this gospel in my life and I love it so much. t Well, I will talk to you next Monday! I hope you have a great week! Thanks for your prayers and letters! I really appreciate it. 

Love Cassidy 

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