Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Well this week was probably the best/funniest/full of miracles week ever. Prepare yourselves. But really I am doing so good and I cannot believe that it is almost November! Didn't I just leave home like 10 minutes ago? It is crazy. I'm just gonna go through the days because there is so much to tell you! 

So we are teaching this lady named Inger, and she is so cool. We taught her last Monday about the Book of Mormon and the lesson was so great. We are teaching her again tonight and I am so excited! 

Tuesday we got frozen yogurt and I felt like a normal person for a minute. It was fun. Then we spent some time tracting and it was just funny because we are at this door, and the door is open and we can SEE the people... and right when we knock.. they turn on the vacuum and pretend that they can't here us. And this has happened multiple times and every time I laugh so hard because it is just hilarious

Wednesday.. we the pouring rain. And it was freezing. I thought I was close to death and then I realized I needed to toughen up... especially because this is nothing compared to what it is going to be in the winter. I am most likely not going to survive but I sure will try. It was nice knowing you. I am reminded every single day why I moved to California for college. haha. We were walking and started talking to this guy and he said "Mormons.... I'm not a fan" and I just started laughing because it was funny. There is something really wrong with me because whenever people are like mean to us or chew us out or slam the doors, I never get sad. Like I laugh it off every time and it's getting weird. Maybe I should be more offended but I am like hey, whatever makes you happy I am just trying to help. So yeah either I am just really weird or it is God helping me not get upset. Either way I really enjoy tracting!  So we are out tracting in the rain and everyone is like not being nice.. and so I prayed that we would meet someone nice.. and then I felt prompted to go across the street to a different house.. and we met the nicest lady in the world and we talked to her for a little bit! It was a little miracle. Then we met.. a legend. He is basically going to take up the rest of my letter. But anyways so we tracted into this old guy named Joe. He's 80 something, used to be Catholic, and is the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. I am seriously laughing at the computer thinking about it and people think I am weird. Oh well. So He starts talking to us for like 45 minutes.. and he is talking and talking and he is telling us all of these crazy stories that I wish I had time to write. But I will just say some of my favorite things he said. So he was telling us he is an artist and that his daughter framed one of his drawings because it will be "worth millions someday".. so he went upstairs to go get it.. and while he was walking he leaded back and said "I keep my house very clean. There are 4 bedrooms up there and I change all of the sheets twice a week. No one even lives here! But I do it. And I love it. " and we were laughing so hard. So then he comes back with this big frame.. and we are like expecting something like I don't even know but he turned it around and it was...... The 101 Dalmations. And it was the funniest thing ever. Like half was crayon half was pencil.. and then he says pointing at the parents "Let me tell you a story about those two dogs.... they had 99 puppies" I thought I was going to die. And he was telling us about how he used to be a fighter but not anymore.. he said "Now I just go up to people and say 'You would look good without kneecaps' or 'How long can you tread water'" hahah like literally he is this like 86 year old guy saying the funniest things ever. We invited him to church and wrote the address and then we left. So that was the beginning of Joe. 

Thursday we wake up and it is sunny and beautiful and we are like wow perfect it will be such a beautiful day to tract and find people to teach.... we get out tracting... and the sun disappears and it starts pouring ran and wind and it was like insane. But ya know the work must go on so on we went tracting in the rain. We met an another guy who told us to call him "Old man the Quaker" he was a hoot too. Then okay this is literally the coolest story EVER. I am still like sorta freaking out about it because it was awesome. So there is this lady Nicole that the missionaries were teaching 2 years ago.. but they put the wrong address for her house and it doesn't exist and so no one has been able to find her for 2 years. So we go to the street and it is the longest street ever. And I was secretly thinking that there is no way we will ever find her. My companion says "We will knock on every door until we find Nicole" and I was like fantastic. So we park the car at a random house and then prayed that we would be able to find where she lives and that we could be guided to her house. We get out of the car.. and the first house we see this kid working out in his garage. And so being the weird people that we are, we went up to him and asked him if he knew a Nicole and Danny.. and he goes "Yeah I know them. They live here." I LITERALLY almost had a heart attack. I stood there for like eh a good 4 minutes with my jaw dropped 2 feet.  AH it was so crazy! After 2 years of no success we found her at the first house. I am still blown away by it. Heavenly Father lead us right there and it was the coolest thing ever. She wasn't home but now we know how to find her! So cool! The rest of the day was rainy tracting. I almost got hit by a car but I am totally fine so don't even worry. And I haven't even been sprayed by a car in the rain yet.. but I am sure that will happen soon. I'm prepared. We had Chipotle for dinner because we deserved it so that was a good thing. Okay.. are you ready for miracle number two of this week? So when it was raining.. water somehow got into my bag... and my brand new scriptures got all warped and messed up and I was seriously SO depressed. Like it was the worst thing that has happened my whole mission (yeah my mission has been really good) anyways so I was sad and wanted to cry. So I put something heavy on them... and the next day they were still messed up. And I realize this is super dramatic but just go with it.. so I used different ones for a day because I was just really sad about it.. and then on Saturday when I pulled them out of my bag... they were perfect. Seriously perfect. No damage. None. WHAT THE HECK. He healed my scriptures and I do not know how but miracles are real. It was amazing. I can't even believe it. So that was miracle number two. 

Friday/Saturday I was at the Visitor Center! and It was super rainy so there weren't too many people. We had a few tours which were really fun! I really enjoy being able to be there. On Saturday Joe called us asking for directions for church.. and then he said "I knew the second I met you guys that you were church people. I could tell by how you dressed and acted that you weren't impostors" haha it was so funny. Then he said "Cassidy. STAY SOBER and don't drink too much Pop." It made my day because it was so funny. 

Sunday I gave a talk about Faith unto Repentance. I think it went really well! It was kinda hard writing a talk without the internet... I didn't realize how much I used the internet until I can't use it anymore. But anyways the talk was good and my ward is so awesome! Everyone is so nice! I love it already. SO... Joe came to church and it was literally the funniest day of my life. I wish I had like a video of him or something so you could understand. He is Italian so just picture this old Italian guy who forgot his hearing aids so he thought everyone was whispering.. and he used to be Catholic but he said he doesn't like them anymore because all they wanted was his money and when he had a stroke they didn't visit him. He is very bitter about the Catholics haha. So we walk in with him to Sunday School (and we were late because he was talking to people) and we walk in and he announces to everyone "These two girls are my daughters. And I love them." hahaha I died. And we were telling him how people are called brothers and sisters.. and he said " I love that. I have a lot of new brothers and sisters today." He talked to us for like an hour and some of my favorite things he said were "Wow... you are so cold I touched you and now I know what Hell feels like" and then he said "Heck! I said Heck! I am not swearing all week so I can take the sacrament next week." And then he told me that there is no one out there for me and that I will never get married. hahaha so that is promising. And when we are in class he starts telling everyone about his life and then he said "I used to go with the Catholics. But I go here now. I learned something. I didn't use to know God was there.. But he is always there. Don't just go to him when you are hurting.. go to him all the time. And that is just my theory." It was awesome haha. And he was a mayor for 12 years.. so he kept asking people why they didn't speak in church and then he would say "Next week I will make a motion. And then you can speak". It was literally the most entertaining church ever. When he was leaving he said, "I loved this day. I loved it so much. I will never forget it. Everyone was so nice to me. Not like the Catholics." It was actually the coolest thing ever. He called us like an hour ago and he said "I want to be a member of your church. And I want to be an active member. You guys changed my life and gave me a new beginning. I love it. " So basically Joe is my favorite person in the world. And I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about him. SO I will get a picture this week so you can know what the heck I am even talking about. 

Sunday night we were out tracting again... and we had another cool experience! So we were planning on tracting this one road.. and we got to it and it was super dark and sketchy and we thought hmm... better not.. so we kept going found a different road.. but we both felt like we shouldn' we drove for awhile and then we came to this road and we both felt like we should tract it. So we got out of this car and met this really cool girl who was walking her dog. She said her family didn't have a church and that we should talk to her mom. But she didn't tell us a house or anything so we just started going to doors. The first door we met this lady and it is7:15 at night by the way.. and the second I said the word Christ she was like.. "That's fine but you know what I am right in the middle of going to bed so bye" and I just stood there and looked at her like... how dumb do I look?! Haha you are like 25 in regular clothes you are NOT going to bed at 7:15... like we are missionaries and practically grandmas and we don't go to bed until 10. Hahah I am just amazed at the horrible excuses people give. It is always a hoot. So, next house we go to.. this lady comes out and at first she is chewing us out because it is dark and she said it's not safe (she was totally acting like a mom) and then she said "But I do have a Book of Mormon and  I do read it." And we were like.. wait what. And she went on to say that 20 years ago some Elders gave her the Book of Mormon and were teaching her.. and then they stopped coming. She still reads it because she thinks it and our church are really interesting. And then she said she wishes the missionaries would have kept in contact. And THEN she gave us her number and told us to call her and come back soon to meet with her! And then the girl we met earlier shows up and it was her mom! Seriously how cool is that. We made it to that street by being prompted there.. and second door.. was the most prepared person we have ever met. I have been smiling ever since because I am SO excited to teach and help her! Man being a missionary is probably the coolest thing ever. I love it. 

Well, sorry this email is so long. You probably fall asleep reading it... if you do then I'm glad you are getting a nap. Anyways, I miss you all so much and I think about you and pray for you everyday! I am reminded everyday about the amazing people I have in my life and I am so grateful. Thanks for your letters and prayers! Have a great week and remember that I love you!!

Love Cassidy 

PS. I am doing this cool thing where everyday I try to write about the ways I have seen God's hand in my life that day.. and it is incredible to see how much he helps me everyday! Do it and I promise that you will have better days because you will know that God is helping you through everything- even the small stuff! 

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