Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 27, 2013

Hey guys! 

Well I feel like I just barely sent out an email so I don't have too much to say. But I have had a great week doing visitor center training! It is really weird to be in class with all girls though haha. I have 2 other girls going to Kirtland, then there are 3 going to LA visitor center, and one going to Independence. We have been learning how to take what we have learned about regular teaching and make it into visitor center teaching. Which is actually really easy haha. We have had a bunch of volunteers come into our like visitor center room which has a Christus, book of mormons, displays and stuff so we can practice teaching people.It's pretty fun! 

So on Wednesday morning we went to Temple Square. They took us on a tour and basically we were just like regular people. Then we met with this guy who is over like all of the visitor centers for the church and it was so cool. He told us a lot of really cool things about our calls. Like he said that only 2 percent of all missionaries called go to visitor centers.. so we really are special. And he said that we are chosen to be the face of the church and that it is a really important responsibility. And he told us just a bunch of cool opportunities we get and it was really neat. It made me even more excited that I get to be at a visitor center. He also told us that like when they are deciding where someone is going, the members of the 12 who are doing it will know right away that someone should be at a visitor center. And that they put them aside and come back to them. He said that the girls they call to a visitor center they say they can see the light of Christ in their smile, and the testimony of the Atonement in our eyes. So that was a really neat experience! And he also said a few things that I really liked... my favorite was "The Lord called you, to be you" and he said that it is so important that we keep our personalities because that is what they need. So it was just a cool reminder that I can be a good missionary and I can still be myself at the same time. Sometimes I think that if I am having too much fun or laughing a lot or being my sorta wierd self that I am not being a good missionary, but that's not true. If I am myself then I will be the best missionary I can be. It was a good reminder!  It was just a really good experience to meet with him!  After that meeting we came back to the MTC and just did more training. 

So part of the visitor center girls jobs is to do online stuff. So we chat with people and we also take phone calls. We got to start doing it on Wednesday and it has been so fun to actually help real people. There have already been lots of cool/weird experiences and I am sure I will have a lot more when I am out in Ohio. But it's cool because we get to talk to people from all over the world and just answer any questions, or just talk to them about the church. It's really fun! 

So last night we went to Temple Square again... and this time we were like paired with a temple square girl and we were like giving tours and meeting people and stuff. It was like the funnest thing ever. So it was just an interesting night. So first the van was an hour late to pick us up, and the 3 other girls didn't show up. So MTC security like had their pictures printed out like wanted poster size and they were searching the campus for them... and we were just waiting in the van.. and then this guard comes out and is like "We just realized they went to the hospital" and then my van driver was like "oh yeah I drove them that is why I was late". Hahaha and were like they just had to search for them and you knew all along? It was so funny. And our driver just got home from his mission like a month ago and he was like "I was just really freaked out that I had to pick up a sister missionary and put her in the car". We were laughing so hard. Anyways, so we get to Temple Square, and my temporary companion was tongan. She was really nice! So we got to talk to few different people around the square. and then I was on the phone. Haha this is where the funny stuff happened. So I was on the phone talking to this guy who is taking the missionary lessons and I was like "are you going to watch conference next weekend" and he was like "oh I guess they didn't tell you but I am actually completely blind" and I DIED and was like "ohhhhh so are ya gonna Listen to general conference?" hahah so awkward I almost had to crawl in a hole like that would only happen to me. Then he was telling me how he was a part of a barbershop quartet and that he liked to sing for the missionaries and give them caffine-free diet pepsi. And I was like "you are... so kind...?" haha it was funny. Then the next call I got the person YELLED at me "I need an exorcism my daughter is the devil" and there was like screaming and he was freaking out and I was like "Uh we don't do that here" and told him to have a nice night. It was the weirdest/funniest thing ever. haha but really it was a super interesting experience. I learned a lot being at temple square and it made me really excited to be at a visitor center! It's gonna be so great. The night ended with Cafe Rio and that was basically the best thing ever. 

Well I am out of time. But it was a really great week! I am sad that I am done with the MTC. It is so fun to be here and to be with so many missionaries. I will really miss it. But I am ready to get out to Ohio and start teaching! I leave SLC at 6:00 AM get into Minneapolis at 9:27 and then leave there at 10:15 and get to Ohio at 1:00! So I will be leaving the MTC at 2;30 AM and I will probably DIE. But I am really excited. Anyways I can't wait to call and talk to you then. I Love you all so much! I am doing great and I have had so many cool experiences here. I have felt the truth of what I am learning and teaching, and I know that this Gospel brings more happiness than anything else. I am so glad I get to be a part of bringing it to other people. 

Well I will talk to you soon! I love you and you are all in my prayers every day!

Love Cassidy 

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