Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bedbugs, Mice, and Happy Thanksgiving! 11-25-13

Well hey it was another pretty great week out here in Ohio! 

 And I am officially an adult. I caught a mouse in our apartment! Hahah bet you didn't think that I would ever do that. I didn't. And also.. the house we stayed at while we were in Kirtland had bed bugs... and they did bite. They didn't bite me thankfully. Some other sister's got bitten (is this even a word?)  bad!  But we are still not sure if they got into our stuff so we now have them at our apartment. Hopefully not.. I mean I came to OHIO on my mission not like Nicaragua.. so this is a scam that I am having to deal with bugs and rodents. hahaha. I want a refund! Also.. we may have slid into an intersection on the ice the other night.. but we were protected and luckily we did not get hit and we were kept safe. It was a Christmas miracle! But we will make it out fine so don't you worry mom! Hahah really don't worry it was a freak accident. But I really know that we were kept safe... Heavenly Father was looking out for us!! 

In terms of missionary work this week... a lot of people had weird things come up and they had to cancel. Which was a huge bummer. But we were able to meet with Brenda a lot, and with Lavonne. Lavonne is doing so good! She is the funnest person to teach ever. She just eats it all up and asks awesome questions and really wants to learn. The other night she said that when we come over she feels a lot of peace, and calm, and it brings her a lot of hope! We have an awesome lady named Heather, who just joined the church a few months ago.. and she came teaching with us. She was telling Lavonne about how the Book of Mormon has helped her, and how the church has had such an amazing impact on her life. It was great having her come because she really could connect with Lavonne. Plus Heather is just really awesome! She had us over for an early thanksgiving dinner last night and it was so good. I may have gained like 8 pounds. 

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. So she was supposed to be done smoking this week... and tried.. and she ended up caving. Which kinda broke my heart.. but we are in no way giving up hope. She realizes now that she can't just do it on her own and that she is going to need help. Which is a huge step. She has gotten really discouraged and doesn't have a lot of faith in herself and it is really sad. I have been really focusing on helping her understand that God loves her always, even when she messes up or feels like she doesn't deserve his love. I really hope we can help her because she is the coolest lady probably ever and I have really grown to love her. Plus she cracks me up too. She tried telling us that if you want to be skinny then you need to eat Chinese food for every meal... and I just sat there like.. what. hahah. And then she said that she "Can't wait to be in the white jumpsuit and get baptized!" It was classic. 

Yesterday we had a lesson with this family from India. We went into their house and I felt like I was in a different country. It was so cool. They are Hindu and so they like told us about their beliefs and we told them about our's.. and they were hands down the nicest, most respectful people I have EVER met in my life. They were so impressed that we give up 18 months to teach people about God. They are like Hindu missionaries.. and spend around 5 days a month doing missionary work. And they go to Australia every year and do work there! They said "We have to teach people about God because he gives us everything. Like my tongue.. if it got all dry... I would die. But everyday God puts drops of water on my tongue so I am alive." I was like yep I totally agree. I am still blown away about how cool they were. This is maybe my favorite thing about my mission... meeting people and being able to just talk to them about what they really believe. I mean I have met people from all over at school and stuff, but you don't get to actually talk about God and what matters most to them in their life. And even though our religions are totally different, when it comes down to it they love God and are trying to put him at the center of their life.. and that is exactly what I am trying to do as well. They really reminded me of what my purpose is and why I am on a mission. And also they said "Tell your parents thank you for raising you right. So many young kids people like you just want to be with friends and hangout. You are actually helping the world. Thank your parents, and thank Jesus for you guys." SO yeah they were officially the nicest/most inspiring people I have met. 

We didn't get to see Joe AGAIN this week.. it is starting to make me depressed. But we did talk to him for eh like 123 minutes on the phone. He reallllly likes to talk. But I have some good Joe Quotes for you this week. 
So we invited him to be baptized on January 4th and he said "Well... my birthday is on December 25th... but okay sounds good." and we were like what? hahah Then he said "I won't be nude will I??" And then he said "I have to go under the water? That will mess up my hair! Actually I don't have any hair I just said that as a joke." I was laughing so hard. 
Then he was saying that he is going to cook for us.. and that he wants to cook for everyone at church. And he said "I will make chicken. There are 6 different ways to make chicken. I can make it with or without calories." ha ha ha I was like... wow Joe you can cook food with no calories? Sign the whole world up for that one.
And he was telling us how he will quit gambling.. but he said "I was sitting there and then I asked myself... WHAT THE HECK does texas hold em got to do with anything? I just don't understand." hahah we have a lot of things to explain to him. But he always makes it entertaining. 
And Joe has been really stressed because A) he is really sick. And B) His wife has been in Arizona with his daughter because she has Alzheimer's, and I guess she doesn't do well with Joe anymore. And he called us all panicked because she was going to come home this week. We said a prayer with him over the phone to help calm him down because he was honestly in tears. He called us back an hour later and said that a miracle had just happened, and his daughter called and said that his wife isn't coming back anymore. Joe was so relieved and he said it was because of our prayer. It really was a little miracle that Heavenly Father was able to just eliminate that stress for him.  He said that us coming to his door saved his life, and that he is so thankful to God everyday that he has us. I mean my mission is already all worth it because I know Joe. He said too that he loves my family.. so he loves you guys. He thinks you are all really cool. You get the Joe Zarlino stamp of approval. Good work. 

Well.. that is pretty much it for this week. Hopefully I will have some more exciting news next week. I did meet an old African American guy who has gold grills... that was pretty cool. Anywho I have to get going but I love you all so much and I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving. I wish I could be home with you.. I will be missing you guys a lot. I am so thankful for you and for all the support you give me. I am probably the most blessed girl in the world. 

Have a great week!

Love Cassidy  

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