Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 4, 2013

Well it has been such a good week. I feel like I probably say that every single letter... but that is because I have just had a lot of good weeks haha. Hopefully it stays that way! 

I never know where to start because I have so much to tell you and so little time. But I guess I'll just go over the highlights of the week. 

We had two lessons with Inger this week! The first one we had a member come with us.. and she is sorta an old crazy lady... and let's just say she confused me with what she was saying. She was talking about the Jewish religion and about reading the Bible 20 times and I was just sitting there terrified that she would scare Inger away. But luckily she let us come back on Wednesday and we helped her not be so confused. She is so awesome and I love meeting with her because she is A. The nicest person ever and B. She really wants to learn and improve her life.. and it is fun to be a part of that. 

We had a few funny/awesome tracting experiences this week. So there was this one day we stopped by a member's house who lived in a really fancy neighborhood.. and we were scared to tract it because rich people are scary to tract hahaha dumb but true... so we looked at the map and we both felt impressed to go to this different area... so we get there... and the houses were the biggest/fanciest houses ever... and we tracted. It was just funny because we were chickens on the other street so we left... and the next one was WAY scarier. But we did it and we are now stronger people haha. We were tracting in a really poor area later... which is way more fun.. and we met some serious characters. This one guy opened his door..and let's just say he was not a small guy in any way.. and he wasn't wearing a shirt.. and yeah it was just terrifying. And he said his name was Willy.. but I am pretty sure it was Wooly.. like a Wooly Mammoth. hahah okay just kidding but really there are just some things you wish you could un-see. Then we met/had a lesson with this old lady named Edith... and she was a hoot. I could only unerstand about 2 words she said.. so I was just nodding and saying yeah... yep... great... and then I was talking about prophets and she was like "I didn't know there were popets". She is basically the coolest hahah. About 90% of the people we are teaching are very elderly... so things are always interesting and awesome. 

On Wednesday we were tracting and we were telling this guy about how we have a living prophet today and he says "I have been waiting my entire life for this!" He said that he always thought there should be a prophet today.. because God loves us as much as he loved the people in the Bible so why would there not be a prophet.. so when we told him he was literally so excited. It was really cool and I am super excited to teach him more! 

We have had a few more lessons with the Barbernator.. and she has a baptismal date! She is literally the coolest of cool I wish you could meet her. She cracks me up so much. She is kinda old.. I would guess in her 70/80s... but she acts like she is 100 or something because she has a lot of health problems. But she has 5 grandkids who live with her.. and they are so sweet! I just love them. They don't get a lot of attention from their parents so they love whenever we come over. Last night we were there and we were telling them church stories and I gave them all pictures of the temples and they were so happy. This little boy named Noah who is 3ish gave me a hug and said "Can you guys please not leave us?" And it basically broke my heart. I am glad that we can go and help their family and just help the kids feel loved. 

Thursday... we had a lesson with the one and only Joe Zarlino! So you can bet it was very entertaining. We met him in a town Hudson.. and then had him follow us to this woman Allyson's house where we were having a lesson. I am like 90% sure that Joe shouldn't be driving but that is a different issue. So we taught him about the Restoration.. sorta.. he just likes to talk too much that it is a battle to get a word in. So we are sitting there talking and he goes "Cassidy you're short. And you make a good crutch. I just really wish you would lose a few more inches." haha I was like... thank you. Then he got super serious and said "I don't care where you are in the world.. I will be at your wedding. Even if you are in Egypt. I will be there." So I guess we can plan on Mr. Zarlino making an appearance at my wedding... which will be good so you can meet him and understand how funny he is. Then he was talking about all his medical stuff and he said "They took my kidney out, dusted it off, and then put it back in." What? Who knows.  And we were talking about tracting and he said "Soo... how are the reviews of this week lookin?" classic. And oh man this was so funny so my companion told him that we only had 30 minutes before we had to leave and he freaked out and was like "If you were 40 years older I would have to break one of your rules and marry you just to shut you up." hahah I was dying of laughter. Then he was like.. "If someone made me chose between you two.. I would have to get shot. I just love you guys too much" He literally loves us so much I am pretty sure  just being with him and talking to him makes him so happy. And he just always makes me happy. It is weird to think that we knocked on this random door.. and met this crazy old guy.. and now he is a huge part of our lives. It is really amazing. It is just proof to me that God is leading us because Joe needed us and we needed him, and finding him was not a coincidence. 
I was at Kirtland Friday and Saturday. It was pretty slow this weekend and I only gave a few tours. On Saturday the Community of Christ Church (the ones who own the Temple) had a pancake breakfast that we got to go to. It was great! They are the nicest people and I was just talking to two people that worked there and they are such great people and they are so nice and supportive to us. People think that we must hate each other because they own our church's temple.. but really they are so nice. I got to give a tour on Friday to a guy who got baptized on Saturday. It was really great! Hahah sometimes I say really dumb things though.. Like I said that John Hancock built the walls in the store instead of Levi Hancock. That was embarrassing. Like yeah John Hancock signed the Declaration and then came on over and built some walls. I am so dumb sometimes hahah.. luckily everyone laughed and no one threw anything at me. 

Yesterday Joe had to go to Colombus so he wasn't at church.. which was depressing. Last night we met with this lady named Brenda.. and she is honestly so cool. She has read the Book of Mormon and everything and she loves the church and knows it is true.. and she has a baptismal date.. she just can't quit smoking. She is trying but having a really hard time. So we are going to do our very best to help her quit. Pray for her! I know that she can do it but man it is really hard to see something so dumb have control of her. It is really sad. But I know she will do it!!

That was basically my week! I am loving Ohio and being a missionary! It is really just so fun to meet new people every day and to be focused solely on other people and not myself. I am learning so much and really learning how to understand and help people.  I really appreciate all of your prayers and support! I miss you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love Cassidy 

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