Monday, December 30, 2013

12-30-13 Letter From Cassidy

WELL.... I hope you all had a great Christmas! 

It has been a good/slow week. Christmas Eve was really fun! We had a meeting then we ate at Chipotle (which, lets be honest, makes any day good) then we went and hung out at a nursing home. I got to play Bingo with some of the people. I even won a quarter! You would be so proud. I am pretty darn good at being a million years old. It was super funny because this lady named Phyllis kept winning every time and all of the other people were getting mad at her. I was dying. It was fun to spend time with them! 

Then we had dinner at a member's house and it was nice! Then we went out caroling with the elders. It was way fun and apparently we were incredible singers ( I mean what can I say, I am amazing? ... hahah not.) because everyone was offering us money. I am gonna remember that when I get home and I have no money. But people were taking pictures of us and dancing to us singing (I think they may or may not have been slightly intoxicated but still) and some people said that we made their whole Christmas. It was good! 

Christmas day was fun! We had a really chill day... and I took a real nap for the first time in almost 4 months. PS I have almost been on my mission for 4 months can you even believe that? That is literally insane. Anyways it was really fun getting to skype you guys!  It was hard hanging up because seeing you reminded me about how much I miss you and how fun it is to talk to you guys. But I am really grateful that I could talk to you for awhile it made my Christmas!

Thursday and Friday I was up at Kirtland. It was pretty slow... we only had a couple of tours. We took some people from Brazil on tour and that was fun! But other than that nothing too exciting happened there. 

Saturday my companion Sister Coontz was sick so me and Sister Smith did lots of studying and work in the apartment. We were able to go out Saturday night and we had a couple lessons. Candy (Edna..) could't meet but she did say she wants us back over for the new year... for tea and crumpets... hahah uh yeah we don't drink tea and I didn't actually know that people these days were just casually having crumpets. Who knows. Could be super interesting. I am excited but it is just fun to have someone actually wants us to come haha. 

We met with this investigator Saturday night... it was super interesting and kinda sad. I guess he has been meeting with the missionaries for awhile and he was about to get baptized and he backed out the day before.. and now he is doing everything he can to try to prove that the church is wrong. So he was asking us all sorts of weird questions and was never satisfied with anything we said. It was sad because you can tell that he isn't happy.. and he has zero faith in God or anything. And faith is actually probably the most important thing. Ever.  I mean there is really no physical way to prove God... except everything around us basically shows that there is...But you have to have some degree of faith and something to hope for. I mean I am so glad that I have a knowledge of God and Jesus Christ and that I can always hope for better things. It was actually kinda heartbreaking to see him just doubt everything. But we did all we could do to help and that is the best we can do. 

Yesterday  we had lunch at this members house and it was really good.. and then she was like "do you want to go shopping in my pantry" and I was like uh.... what...... and then she took us in it... and it was literally like a store. She had AT LEAST 200 boxes of cereal. She had everything. She is one of those intense extreme couponers... and she had so much stuff. I just stood there with my jaw dropped for like 10 minutes. And then she gave us grocery bags and told us to take whatever we wanted... so I stocked up on some good stuff! It was awesome and super nice of her. It was just crazy. hahah I was excited to meet an extreme couponer in real life.

We did some tracting last night.. and I have determined that the people in this area are not as weird as my last area. Which is slightly disappointing because me and weird people get along super well. But there are still cool people here too and I am determined to find some solid people to teach! We are in the process of just finding people right now... so I don't have a ton of stories this week. Especially because it was Christmas and things were slower than usual. Next week I will have better stuff to tell you! 

Oh one quick funny story. I made up this Book of Mormon song and recorded it on our cell phone and made it our alarm. And it starts off with me whispering and eventually I am yelling... and it went off this morning and my companion had a heart attack. It was the funniest thing ever. haha and I realize that this isn't actually funny and that I am a nerdy missionary who finds dumb things hilarious. But really... if you could hear it you would laugh. Okay that's the end of the story. 

Anyways I have to get going. I hope you all have a good New Year. My New Years is gonna be kickin... going to bed at10:30 and all that... hahah I really am a grandma. Oh well. I love you all!  

Love Cassidy 

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