Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas 12-23-13


Well...... I was transferred right next door to the Hiram area! I live in Aurora, which is really close to Twinsburg. I am still in the same district and everything. And plot twist... I have TWO new companions. Yep. TWO. It is crazytown. But the area is really pretty nice! It is a lot more country than my last area... everything is really far apart which I don't like as much... but we are the only missionaries in the ward so that is nice. 

Transfers was really hard.. and I miss Sister Derrick a lot, but I have had a really good week. Minus saying goodbye to Brenda D and Inger. Brenda was so nice she gave us gifts and everything. It was funny because since she smoked whenever we would leave her house we would smell like an ashtray... so I would take all of the clothes off that I could and leave them in the car. And she would always get mad at me for wearing short-sleeved shirts in 12 degree weather. So she gave me a hat and gloves and warm socks and everything because she is afraid I am going to get sick. She is the nicest person ever. She was the hardest to say goodbye to... but the good news is I  can still go to her baptism!! Before we left she said a prayer and she said "Heavenly Father thank you so much for sending these missionaries into my life, even if it was only for a short time. They have both changed my life and I love them so much. Please protect them because I will miss them dearly." I started tearing up like a little baby. It was a depression fest but it is okay because it will all work out! 

OH cool thing at Kirtland. Well, okay actually at transfer meeting. There was this Elder who had come with his investigator to Kirtland like the first month of my mission, and we took them on tour. And He came up to me and told me about how Kyle (the investigator) ended up getting baptized... because of the tour and what he felt. He told the elders that I had a special spirit and that the tour changed his life basically. It was one of the coolest experiences of my mission. It was neat because we give tours a lot and meet lots of people... but we hardly ever knows what ends up happening with them. So it was really neat to know that the tour had such an effect on this guys life. I am still so excited about it. 

Kirtland was pretty slow last week, so i was excited to get to our Area on Friday. They didn't really have anyone solid that they were teaching in this area.... so we are sorta starting over fresh. Which is good and hard alll at the same time. It kinda makes me want to pull my hair out because I just left behind like 5 solid people... to come to basically none... but it is totally okay because I am on a mission to find people. And we already have! So okay backup to my 2 companions. All 3 of us have only been our for like 3-5 months (PS I AM OFFICIALLY DONE TRAINING... So I am a real missionary now... which is exciting and not because I can't use "I'm new I don't know what I am supposed to do" as an excuse anymore when I mess up... it's a hard life) so none of us really know what we are doing. And both of them did things really differently than me... like they never tracted or worked with old potentials or anything. So me being me decided to change that and our first day.... potentials and tracting. AND WE MET THE COOLEST PEOPLE.

We go out and the second door we knock on this guy in his late 20s from India answered. We start talking to him and he is acting really not interested and I tried to crack a stupid joke (cause uh all my jokes are stupid) and he didn't get it or really find it funny so it was super awkward and then I randomly just asked him if he knew about the Book of Mormon.. and all the sudden he goes "I have heard of that. Okay will you come inside and tell me everything about that book?" and I was like Yes. Yes we will. There is actually nothing we would like to do more than tell you everything about that book. So we go in and start talking about prophets and the Book of Mormon and missions.. and he was asking the coolest questions. We were there for like an hour or so and by the end he agreed to read the Book of Mormon! He said "I will try to read it for the next time you come." and I was like uh... it's kinda long you don't have to read it all that quick.. and he said "I am a pretty fast reader" and I was not gonna argue with someone wanting to read the WHOLE book. And he will do it because he is actually that cool. He is an engineer and he is pretty dang smart. Also His Mom was at his house, and she was in the other room. And when we first came in she kept watching us very suspiciously.. and slowly and slowly she kept moving closer and closer from the other room. Then she was sitting right by the door so she could hear. And when we said we were going to leave she jumped up and said "Please let me make you my famous tea!!" So pretty sure she warmed up to us. We had to explain that we don't drink tea or coffee or alcohol or anything... and they said "That explains why you are all glowing so much. You are all pure" and we were like... okay sure. I am 99 percent I was just glowing because it is winter and I am super albino.. but hey I will take it. Then I asked when we could come back.. and he said "oh do you want me to commit?" and I was like "What? Are you scared of commitment?"and it was so awkward and hilarious at the same time. good times.  Oh and when we were leaving he said "I have learned so much today that has changed me." So yeah it was probably one of the coolest things to ever happen. His name is Jean.. pronounced "John" with a fancy accent. He's the coolest. 

Also I found this lady in the potential list who the missionaries had talked to like years ago and her name was Edna. And I decided we had to go see her because with a name like Edna she had to be cool right? RIGHT. She was probably the nicest person I have ever met. She let us right in, talked to us all about Jesus Christ, gave us hugs, prayed with us, and told us that we HAVE to come back before the new year. And I was like.... someone is telling us we have to? We aren't begging for them to let us? THIS IS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. But really it was. And I am so excited to see her and her husband again. 

SO yeah already finding super awesome people and I have only been in the Area 2 days. Heavenly Father is just leading us right to them and I am feeling so blessed! Also the John Johnson Farm is in my area, so we got to go there and get a tour and study there yesterday. I will send some pictures! It was so neat because there were 16 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants that were recieved there... and seriously the spirit is so strong. Section 76 was recieved there, and I studied it while I was in the room it was received in. And all I can say is it's true! You guys should read it! Any sections that say they were recieved in Hiram were there... so it was awesome to see it. 

Also Saturday night we went to a Chritmas Party at the Eliza Snow's old home (where Lorenzo Snow lived, and also Joesph Smith came and visited). The people who own it are Catholic and super nice. It was really fun! They gave us a tour, we sang, and ate lots of food. Also they told me that I should become the President when I am older. That was like the eleventh person to tell me that on my mission. So I guess I probably should. Who knows. But it was really fun! This is a super cool area and the ward seems nice! 

But anywho that was my week! I am still getting used to there being three of us, but we are making it work and having a lot of fun. I can't believe that it is already Christmas! I cannot wait to skype you on Wednesday! I love you all and I really appreciate all the Christmas cards/packages. oh PS my new address is 234 New Castle, Aurora OH, 44202. So send stuff there now!! 

Okay I hope everyone has a great Christmas!! I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to serve Christ and help other people feel of his love. I truly know that He loves each of us, and that when we make Him the center of our lives, we will be happier. And I feel so blessed to know this and be able to share it. 

Love Cassidy

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