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Cassidy's letter 2-17-14

Hey everyone!

Well shoot that week went by so fast. But it sure was a hysterically good week! Just so much happened I hope I have time to write about it all.
I will just go through the week.
First off, I am OFFICIALLY THE DRIVER. So yeah I was really excited after not driving since August. And we haven't gotten in any accidents yet so success. So Tuesday we went to see the Waleys (the nice older couple who always gives us hot chocolate)... and we found out that their name is NOT Waley... it is Lawley. Hmm... who knew. Only the man was home, and his name is Arley. Yep, Arley Lawley. Now that my friends is just funny. Anyways we talked to him for a few minutes.. once he got to the door. We knocked and we knew someone was home so we literally waited there for probably almost 5 minutes... finally he gets to the door and said "sorry, I was stuck on the toilet" and we were like... that is great to know Arley, thank you. So we talked to him for a bit and he started crying  because he said that he was lonely and that we brightened his whole day. It was the cutest thing ever.
Then we went to this lady's house named Gentonda. And believe it or not she is actually white. Just clarifying. So anyways we go in.. and I guess she fell on the ice and broke 3 of her ribs the other day, but you could never tell because she is just running around bending over doing everything. She is 77. And she is hysterical. So we are just sitting there talking and the next thing we know she is just reciting the entire Gettysburg Address for us.. and we were like what is going on. Then she says "I am in really good shape for my age." And we were like.. yeah you are... and she goes "No really. I am SOLID." Next thing we know she slams her leg up on the coffee table and says "Feel my leg muscle" and she was flexing.. and I was debating of wether it was mission appropriate or not but oh well we felt her leg muscle.. and yeah she was solid. Then she made us feel her arm muscles. Then she gets out this exercise thing and starts working out.. and we were like hello you have broken ribs and you are not particularly young so sit down. Then she said "this is hard exercise. I bet you can't even do it". Needless to say I didn't even try because I probably couldn't do it. hahah. Then she gave us money to go out to Valentines day dinner because we didn't have dates. It was one of the funniest visits of my entire life. I am not sure where these people come from but I am sure glad that we have found them.
Kirtland was really good this week! We had this one tour with a lady... and we were in just the store front of the Whitney Store.. and this is the like least spiritual part of the tour.. and I got something stuck in my throat and I couldn't breathe and I started crying.. and the lady thought I was just super emotional about the store counter and it was probably one of the funniest things ever.
Then on Thursday morning we got asked to take a tour.... and for some reason I was feeling lazy and tired and it was freezing outside so the thought of doing a tour just didn't sound fun.. so I was a little annoyed and wondering why in the world they picked us to take the tour. But man I am SO grateful that I got to take that tour. It was so neat. The spirit was so strong throughout the whole tour.  And the lady served her mission in Romania, and when I told her that I went there this summer she got SO excited and was just so happy and we got to talk about it and her mission and I honestly thought she was going to die of excitement. We had visited right where she served and it literally made her life. And right then it hit me that that was one of the reasons why I needed to take that tour.. because I could connect with her and help her feel the spirit. It was such a neat testimony to me that Heavenly Father's hands are even in who I take on tour. And I will never ever be upset about taking a tour again, because I learned so much and felt the spirit so strongly! It was great.
Valentines Day was actually so much fun. Me and my companion went out to lunch and got steaks (thank you Gentonda)! Then we went to Aurora Manor (the nursing home) and visited all of our best friends there. It is just so funny everytime we walk in.. there are like 8 ladies that go "The girls are here!" haha it is nice to feel so loved. They were classic as usual. They were playing 20 questions.. and one of them didn't understand.. so the first time it was her turn to ask a question she turned to the lady that was "it" and said "how old are you" and the lady goes "I am 85." haha then her next turn she asked "How are you feeling" and the lady said "I am feel pretty good" hahah not how you play 20 questions. It was so funny. Then Florence couldn't get the trivia questions right.. and she leaned over to me and said "Man I sure am a blockhead" hahaha they kill me.
Then we spent the night at the Lawleys again! Joan was home this time so we were able to go in an actually visit. She had us help her make dinner. She is a hoot too. I am starting to realize that old people really love us. Like honestly we spend about 90 percent of our time with people who are 70 or older. But hey they are hilarious so I am not complaining. We were able to talk to her about the Book of Mormon. She met missionaries awhile ago and they gave her one, but they didn't explain what it was.. so she thought it was about Joseph Smith. And she also said that she feels like she really clicks with us in a way she didn't with the past missionaries.  So I explained what the Book of Mormon is and how it goes along with the Bible to teach us about Jesus Christ.. and she was so interested. She knows the Bible like the back of her hand so she is having a sorta hard time accepting that there is more. But I straight up asked her if God loved everyone the same.. and she said yes.. and then I asked her why He wouldn't call prophets in other parts of the world to teach them.. and asked her why we should doubt or complain that God has given us even more knowledge to help us come closer to Him. She really felt the spirit. When she prayed she said "Thank you Heavenly Father for sending these sweet girls to us. I love what they teach and I love learning from them. Please help them find those who are prepared to receive their truth" and first of all I was like aww.. and then I was like in shock because she is praying for us like members of the church do. It was awesome. We told her to call us if she ever needed anything.. and she said "Okay I will give ya a call my sister lady friends!" So funny. Then the next morning bright and early we get a call from her telling us to "Have a good day and an even better weekend!" hahaha so yeah I am basically besties with a bunch of 70 year olds.
 Saturday we were out in the sketchy / creepy part of our area. It is out in the country and I feel like I am entering a weird foreign country out there. It is hands down the weirdest place I have ever been, and trust me I have been some weird places. So naturally all the people out there are a little different too. Like most people do not have teeth. And they smell funny. But it makes for a really entertaining time! One person we tried to go visit... their house was literally just gone. We pull up to the address and it is just a blank space between 2 houses.. we were like... interesting. These other people live in a garage behind this other old house.. so finding them was a challenge.. and we finally found them and they weren't home. Classic. We did get to have a short lesson with this lady named Paula.. but she wouldn't let us in because she said her dog smells really bad... so I was secretly grateful we didn't have to go in.. but it was 10 degrees and she didn't have a coat so I was basically like "I know God loves you don't forget it" and go inside because I don't want to be responsible for your death. And I asked for her phone number and she said "oh I don't have one of those things".. and she seemed really genuine... and so basically either she lied or she is an alien. haha
Then we stopped by this one lady... and she comes to the door, and I go "Hi! How are you" and she then YELLED at us and told us to "don't take this personally (all sweet).. GET AWAY RIGHT NOW (in the scariest voice possible)" and I was just like yes mam off we go goodbye we are leaving. Couldn't get us out of there fast enough. No clue what happened to her but I was just grateful we got outta there before she had time to chase us with a bat or something. I mean I was having a bad hair day... but I didn't look THAT scary. Needless to say it was a really interesting day.
Sunday was great! Church is always good. And yesterday.. okay seriously someone lied to us AGAIN. So we knocked on the door, (sidenote.. as a missionary you develop this awesome hearing skill and you can hear everything people say inside) so I clearly heard them say "It's two chicks from your church" and so I was all pumped because we finally found this guy... so they open the door and I ask if Jose is there... and he goes "Uh Jose? Never heard of him. He doesn't live here.." and I was oh really.... interesting. I felt like saying "OPEN THE DOOR AND STOP HIDING JOSE WE KNOW YOU"RE IN THERE" but I just smiled and told him to have a nice day. People love lying to me for some unkown reason. Oh well it really doesn't bother me because I am doing my job.
All in all it was a super great week. I am just so glad I get to serve here. It really hit me yesterday how lucky I am to be a missionary. I was thinking about everything I have learned and how much I have changed. I have so much more patience and love for people, and I am way less judgmental than I was before. I have such a greater appreciation for everything I have, and for the Gospel in my life. I have been able to see the power of the Holy Ghost and the immediate blessings of doing what Heavenly Father asks. I have seen His hand in my life more than ever before, and my relationship with Him has grown more than I ever imagined it would. And I still have a year left. I just can't imagine what my life would be if I didn't decide to come on a mission... my mission has changed my life so much that I can't even picture it. I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father is blessing me with this experience. My testimony of the Savior and His Atonement is strengthened every single day. I know with out a doubt that He knows us personally and loves us more than we comprehend. I feel so much peace knowing He is always with me comforting me and guiding me. That truly is the greatest blessing. Nothing has made me happier than doing what He asks and having Him be the one to guide my life.
Basically, my mission is the best. And I couldn't be happier to be out  here serving.
I hope you all have a great week! Remember to include Heavenly Father in everything you are doing, because I know that seeking His will and His help is the best way to be happy.
I love you all!

Love Cassidy

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