Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 3-17-14

Well... I am staying here in Aurora for another 6 weeks! And the sun is actually shining today so things are looking good! We only had one blizzard/snow day this week so happy spring!. But no really this week was so good I hope I have time to sufficiently tell you about it. Here we go.
First off, the greatest human ever Shirley. So we went to the Historic Johnson Home with her and did a tour.. and it was so much fun. She loved it. It was funny because we normally go see her at like 8 at night when she is just hangin at her house.. and we met her for the tour and she was all dressed and had teeth in and lipstick on and I was like... who are you?! And she was driving in her new car that has a fin which she said makes her "cool". She told us that she will be dead before she figures out how to use the car. She kills me. The tour was really fun though and she is so funny because she keeps cracking old person jokes like "Oh yeah back when I was a child a hundred years ago we used those things" and she really was a kid 100 years ago so it is hilarious. She really likes learning about the church and Joseph Smith.. even though she told us "I am not going to become a Mormon now".  We still get to help her learn more about the Book of  Mormon and consequently Jesus Christ and that is what I am here to do. And okay last night we went and saw her and she had bought us the famous "Pure Ohio Maple Syrup" which I am really excited to try.. and then when we told her we were both staying for another 6 weeks she was the happiest person in the world. I didn't even know she liked us that much. Before we left I asked her if she wanted to say the prayer and she goes "Well sure. But I am just going to make it up as I go." then she goes "Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for keeping these two girls here. Thank you for sending them to knock on my door, because they have brought me so much happiness. You knew they would be a comfort and joy to me and I so glad to have them" and it was so sincere and sweet that I actually started crying because it just made me so happy to know that we were helping her so much.. and then she said "But I am going to ask you to please keep a close watch on these girls. Because sometimes I get really worried when I think about how they are outside knocking on strange people's doors." and I went from crying to laughing because she got so serious all of the sudden.. hahah it was the best. Long story short, okay actually this was long.. anyways I really love her and I am super happy I get another 6 weeks with her.
ED is still the coolest guy ever. He has read so much of the Book of Mormon and he has the coolest questions about it. It is just super fun to have someone who is actually really interested and does the work without us having to basically beg to do it. Most people we are begging to just read anything and he does it all on his own. He told us that he is really enjoying the Book of Mormon, and that so far it is good and He totally believes that God would give us more scripture.. so He said it definitely could be true, and that he is going to keep reading it!  DREAM COME TRUE. But really he is smart and likes it and whenever we teach him he is super open and accepting.. it just makes me love being a missionary so much. And I just really have such a strong testimony of the Book of  Mormon. That book has helped me so much on my mission I just love it. I wish everyone would study it like Ed is! I think I should start calling him the Incredible Mr. Ed. Do you think that will offend him? I'll just go for it and let you know how it goes. haha. 
So funny story. Last Tuesday it was randomly really nice outside.. (and by nice I mean it was like 48 or something) anyways so in the morning we were walking back from the gym, and it felt all springy outside so I was the happiest person ever and I was happily walking and managed to not notice that there was this huge patch of black ice. So I am just skipping along and.. long story short I ended up flat on my back with a bloody elbow and a few bruises. And then naturally the next night we went to do service... and the lady had me paint a ceiling.. and of course I had fallen on my painting arm. So there I am in  this somewhat unsanitary environment (actually one of the sketchiest kitchens I have ever see).. and there was a dog bigger than me.. and 2 small boys chasing each other around.. and I am trying to balance on a broken latter while holding a paint tray and roller trying to paint a dirty ceiling with my damaged arm. It twas a great night in the Hosey household. On the plus side my prayers were answered and I wasn't knocked off the latter and I somehow got the entire room done.. and it looked pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself.
After the beautiful day on Tuesday we naturally had a fat snow storm on Wednesday. They even canceled school. (Side-note they have had 9 snow days this year.. NINE I had maybe 3 my whole life let alone 9 in one year... Good ol Ohio). So then all of our appointments canceled. But really... even the nursing home wouldn't let us in because there was supposedly a "flu epidemic". WE GOT REJECTED BY THE NURSING HOME. I mean that just hurts.  So we got to go tracting in a blizzard... it was super fun. One guy cussed us out when he opened the door because he thought we were so crazy for being outside. Rightly so. Haha. Then at dinner the power was out so they lady couldn't cook any food.. so we ate a couple vegetables.. and there wasn't even water. It was actually really funny. But then we had the best lesson ever with the Smiths! They are so awesome. Funnest family to teach ever. The kids made us cookies and it was so cute! I will send a picture of them! They just make teaching really fun.
Yesterday was so fun. So we went and got ice cream during lunch.. and this guys comes up and asks us why we weren't in school.. and I explained that we are missionaries so we are taking a break from school for a little while.. and he was like "you can't take a break from school" and I was like uh yeah you can.. and I was really confused... turns out he thought we were 14 years old and skipping middle school. When I said I am 19 he literally about had heart failure. It was so funny. I mean I look young but 14? Please. Then we got to have a cool discussion about the church so it turned out good. Then we went to the nursing home and this time they let us in!  and there was an awesome St. Patrick's Day party going on. I tried to do an Irish jig for them but I was a failure. And man they were so funny yesterday I about died. So we are sitting there and this one lady Jane starts picking her nose... and Florence yells at her and claps her hands and says "JANE NO. Stop that. We don't do that. Stop picking  your nose." And then this other lady named Dorthy was like clapping and calling a "bunny" to come to her (spoiler alert there was no bunny).. and I was talking to her and she was saying some crazy stuff and Florence just yells "LOOSE SCREWS" and I was like what? and Florence said "some of her screws are loose up there.." haha I was laughing so hard. I love that place so much. Really though it is impossible to not be happy when I am around them. 

 In other news we got to see Gladys (the walking dead) again, Gentonda, my companion got food poisoning, oh and Joan is still doing good! We had a slight scare with her. I called her the other day and there was a person from her church there when I called.. yeah bad news.. and apparently some people from her church tried to tell her that she shouldn't talk to us or let us come to her house ( because we are obviously the scariest people ever I mean look at me) so we didn't get to go over at all last week.. so I was really scared because that would just break my heart. But yesterday we went over and things are good and she isn't going to listen to those people! Seriously an answer to prayers. 

Another cool news.. well sorta.. so Brenda Dougly from my last area (the one who can't stop smoking) has been going to church every week and paying tithing!! How great is that?!  Which is awesome progress. I am still praying that she will be able to stop smoking.. it will kill me if she doesn't because she really wants to so bad and it will bless her life so much. I think it will happen! And if it happens in the next 6 weeks I can go to her baptism so please pray for her! 

Okay well that is all I have time to write about and you guys are probably sick of hearing me ramble on about unexciting things. I hope you all have a great week! PRAY FOR SPRING TO COME and I will love you forever. Okay bye. 

Love Cassidy

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