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Letter March 3, 2014

Happy March everyone! I am ecstatic that I survived February and I am hoping March decides to not be a frozen tundra.. Everyone keeps telling us that this is the worst Ohio winter they have ever had... I mean why wouldn't it be the one year I am here? Gotta love it! 

So this week was... different. I got myself a nice little bad case of bronchitis. It was actually super funny so last Monday night we were at these people's houses.. and I had to cough so bad but I was trying not to because ya know I was attempting to be polite and all that jazz.. so I was trying to keep the cough in and the next thing I knew it made me start crying.. so this couple we were visiting were just wondering what my problem was. Haha it was really funny. Then I had a coughing attack and they thought I was dying. So... Tuesday we spent the day at the doctor. 

We spent the entire morning at the doctors/pharmacies.. and then we went out to lunch.. and while we were at lunch we got a phone call from these other missionaries.. and they said "You have an appointment with at girl named Melissa Gomez today at 2:30" and we were like... okay... so we head out to find this Melissa character.. and we get to her house and she lets us in.. and basically straight up told us she wants to get baptized. I REPEAT.. she wants to get baptized. And she told us. We didn't even ASK her. So I basically passed out.. partially because I was sick and partly because I was SO HAPPY. So we get talking to her.. she is 21. She has a one year old daughter named Cassidy (that baby is set for success) and she was probably the cutest baby ever. Anyways so Melissa went to church with her grandma from the age of 12-18, and she had been meeting with the missionaries so she could get baptized. But then her parents got divorced and all this stuff happened.. and she stopped going to church. And she told us that she has noticed the biggest difference since she stopped going. She said her life has gone downhill so much and that she misses the person she was when she was going to church. So she is ready and wants to come back and turn her life around. IS THIS NOT SO COOL? It is so awesome that she is able to see and recognize that making God and Christ a part of her life is what will help her be happier and have a better life. That is what we are constantly praying to have people realize, so to have someone come to us who is ready and excited to change was such a huge blessing! I am so excited to teach her and help her get her life back together. So that was basically the miracle of the week. The Gospel changes lives. So there you have it. 

Since I was sick.. we decided it was best to not go visit all of our old best friends this week.. so hopefully they are all still kickin and we can see them this week! 

Wednesday was awesome too! So we started teaching this family named the Smiths. The mom is baptized, but hasn't been to church for a good while.. and the kids have decided that they want to get baptized! So we got to have an awesome lesson with the whole family. It was so cute.. we taught about the Restoration and how Heavenly Father and Christ appeared to Joesph Smith.. and I asked the girl what Heavenly Father would tell her if He was to speak to her right now.. and she said "He would tell me He is so proud of me for getting baptized" and her mom started tearin up! It was so cute. They are going to get baptized in April! We are pumped. SO.. in a span of TWO Days.. we got THREE people committed to baptism.. and I had bronchitis. Pretty solid. 

We also were able to see Joan Lawley. She is still as funny as ever. Luckily I avoided the creepy doll room this week. Her sister just passed away.. so she has all of her sister's stuff, so we spent a few hours helping her go through it. So we were in the basement.. and the phone starts ringing.. and she goes "Oh the phone! Will you had me that tennis shoe behind you" to my companion.. and we were both like.. what.... and so she picked up the shoe.. and it was a phone. It was the weirdest thing ever. It was just so funny because it was so random and she was so casual about it. Old people these days and their shoe phones. 

Some other good things that happened this week:

We found a Chick-fil-a.. that was the greatest thing ever. 
We went and got milkshakes at this place the other day.. and we started talking to the worker.. and he asked if we were junior Nuns. Hahah that was a good one. I really wish I would have kept tract of how many times I have been asked if I am a nun of some kind. I literally get that at least 5 times a week. I didn't realize I looked so much like a Nun.  But then we started talking to him about the church and stuff and he told us we were the coolest Mormons he had ever met. I am choosing to take that as a compliment.  It is fun being a missionary and having a nametag because we just get to talk to everyone about the Gospel and it isn't even weird. I love it so much. 

Yesterday none of our people showed up at church because it was all snowy and our building is in the boonies and the roads NEVER get plowed.. so it is basically a miracle every time we get there without sliding off the road. And then... 3 of our appointments canceled yesterday because they were "sick"... okay I am sure they really are sick.. the whole state of Ohio is sick. But we still had a good day! We got to visit a few people and we had some great lessons. We had dinner at this families house.. and only one kid threw up. So that was pleasant. And then I ate chocolate.. and it is confirmed I really am allergic.. so we were driving home and I did not feel good.. and I already have a case of bronchitis.. and THEN.... I GOT pulled over. Yep. Apparently the police officer thought the light was red when it was clearly yellow. ha ha ha. I am proud to say I did not get a ticket.. and all he said was "try to not speed up so much when you see a yellow light".. I couldn't help but laugh. I mean.. I guess I could try not to. ha ha ha.  In my defense I felt it was much safer to just go then to slam on my breaks on the icy road and slide into the middle of the intersection. Oh well it added some excitement I suppose. Oh and some other excitement.. our shower is broken so we cannot currently shower.. so we feel like we are in Mexico.. except that it is 8 degrees instead of 80. Good times. 

But yeah I think that is basically what happened this week! Slower than  normal because I was busy turning into a crying seal. But I am starting to feel better and this week is going to be SO GOOD. Just you wait. I am speaking in church next Sunday so we are going to get everyone and their dogs to come listen.. I am so excited! 

I have been studying a lot this week about patience and the importance of enduring our trials and struggles well. We are all going to have problems.. but the point is to have patience and endure our trials cheerfully! I notice that as I try to do this, I am able to learn a lot more from my struggles or disappointments.. because when it comes down to it God gives us challenges so that we can grow. And I know that not giving up and staying happy when things get hard is the most important thing we can do. I LOVE Mosiah 24:14-16. And it is so true! 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I am always praying for you :)

Love Cassidy 

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