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April 14, 2014 Letter from Cassidy


Well it was another good week out here in Ohio. I have some beautiful news. THE SCOURGE HAS BEEN LIFTED (fun fact so there was a scourge placed on Ohio when the early saints were persecuted and forced to leave.. and then it was lifted about 10 years ago when Kirtland was dedicated...) but the real scourge has officially been lifted. It was 75 degrees the past two days and it is actually spring! After that long winter it has been the best thing in the world to not have to put on my fat coat and look like a waddling marshmallow knocking on people's doors. So the weather alone made it a good week. I kinda feel like not a ton happened but oh well here we go.

Last Tuesday was good. We went and did service helping a lady clean her house. It was the house we help at a lot. And boy it was as interesting as ever. My companion was cleaning out the baking cupboard.. and she found a rotten egg. Yum. And I was sweeping up the family room and if you only saw the pile of dog hair I swept up... it was literally 2 times bigger than Chloe. The good news is, none of the children were home to knock me off the ladder to my death so that was a bonus. But in all honesty as sketchy as some of the cleaning we do is... I really enjoy it. It's so true that when you are helping other people you totally forget about yourself and you are a lot happier.
Gentonda had us over for dinner on Tuesday night! It was super fun. It was funny she was wearing spandex pants.. and yeah she is 75 and everything but she can surprisingly pull them off because she is, as she said "firm".. but she was like "I am so sorry for what I am wearing. My neighbor told me that I am wearing spantechs and that they are underwear. My granddaughter gave these to me.. I had no clue they were underwear, I guess I am necked. " hahah it was so funny. So first we taught about what spandex is, then we taught her about the Gospel. Things are looking up with her... we are going to dinner again tomorrow night and we are teaching her about the Plan of Salvation.. which she is going to love! Her husband passed away earlier this year and she misses him a ton, so I am excited to share with her how she can and will be able to be with him again.
Our homies at the nursing home were doing good this week! There were no fights.. so that was a slight disappointment. They did tell us that if we ever want to get boyfriends then we will have to learn how to waltz and do the jitterbug. So yeah I guess I am single for life.
We finally got to go see Joan and Arlie Lawley again! Arlie has been super sick so we couldn't go for awhile. But it was fun. She put us to work moving furniture and cleaning.. and yeah who knew I was strong enough to put a huge recliner into a car while wearing a skirt. I didn't. Guess the push ups are paying off.  Then she was eating rotten apples.. it was so weird. Like these things were brown and mushy and literally moldy.. and she was eating it and me and my companion were trying not to gag and she said "Yum. Nice and crisp." So yeah it is officially confirmed she is a crazy old lady. Then she took us to this creepy storage shed.. and I felt like I was potentially going to get kidnapped slash killed but it all ended up alright. I am starting to think I spend too much time with crazy old people...
We tried to see Martha this week.. but didn't work out. When she moved her phone number got disconnected.. so we couldn't call her so we were just trying to stop by her apartment. And it has like the buzzer thing.. and hers wasn't working.. So I tried all 20something apartment buzzers.. and NO ONE WOULD LET ME IN. It was incredible.  Then a bunch of people were rejecting my pass along cards.. like I asked this lady if I could give her a card to our website and she almost bit my head off.. this one lady yelled at me and said " I AM NOT INTERESTED" and I was like calm down my paper is not gonna kill you. It was somewhat comical.
Things are still going good for the Smiths! They are getting baptized on May 4th. Conveniently 3 days AFTER transfers.. so with my luck I will probably get moved and not be able to be there for the baptism.. but oh well! I am just glad that they have the Gospel in their lives. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. That was a quality time.
Kirtland was so good this week. It was all warm and fun and we were super busy with a ton of tours! We had people from all over.. like England and Portugal.. it is so fun to meet all these different people.  And we get to have such cool experiences with them. I love when they share their personal stories about how they knew the church was true, or hearing how the Book of Mormon has blessed them. It always strengthens my testimony. But man it is hard work. I know that visitor centers sound like a nice easy vacation.. LIES. You hardly get like 24 seconds to eat and you are on your feet all day trying so hard to focus on the people and give them the tour that they need.. it is exhausting. I hope I can survive the summer haha.
Yesterday we did our rounds visiting the rest of our oldies. I have no clue why but we were at this lady named Maxinne's house.. and I guess I was drugged or just tired.. anyways I fell asleep and woke up to her saying "ain't nobody gonna pay 1000 dollars for that!" and she sounded exactly like the ain't nobody got time for that video. It was hysterical.
Some other interesting things
-I officially ate "road kill" at a members house. And it didn't even taste that bad.
-I embarrassed myself once again in front of my mission president. He called and I panicked because whenever he calls it is either because something bad happened or you are getting transferred. So I answered and said "Hi this is Sister Jensen and Sister Derrick. Uh I mean this is Sister Jensen and Sister Smith!" and then he was like "Ummm what is going on." and I was like OKAY I realize I have been with Sister Smith for 4 months and I am dumb and still can't even answer the phone right. Hahah I am 90 percent sure he thinks I am a train wreck. Probably true.
But yeah that is about all that happened this week. Sorta slow. But I am super excited for Easter this week! It is great because people are more open to talking about Jesus Christ than normal. It really is great to celebrate all that He did for us. You should all watch this awesome video that the church just made. It is only like 2 mintues long and it is so good. EVERYONE watch it. Promise it isn't boring. hahah. I will add the link! But I am sure grateful that I can be out here on a mission representing Jesus Christ and teaching others about His sacrifice for us, and about the truth we know that we will all be resurrected. And that we know we can live again with our families for eternity. That brings me so much happiness, especially while I am out here away from my family. I am just so grateful for all of the blessings of having the Savior in my life and I want everyone to at least know that He loves them and that forgiveness and peace is all possible through Him.
Here is the link:
WATCH IT. You will like it I promise. Okay bye.  
I hope that you guys all have a good week and a great Easter! I miss you and love you!

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