Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 4-7-14

Hey guys! 

I hope you are all doing well! Things are great out here in Aurora! The sun was out this week and it was actually kinda warm... warm enough to bring out the BIKES! Yep... I became a biking sister missionary this week and it was the greatest thing ever. Even though I must say that biking in a skirt is more challenging than I originally anticipated. It may take a little while to master the whole "hold the skirt down while I pedal up a hill in the wind" thing.  Still it was so fun. Hopefully it will be warm more often so we can keep riding them! 

A ton of funny things happened this week. And a ton of miracles. So just get excited.

FIRST... there was a fight at the nursing home. That is right people A FIGHT. Get ready this is good stuff. So we are just sitting there enjoying the Tuesday morning trivia.... when Dorthy comes wheeling in saying "come here puppy... come here" and then she goes over by the window.. and starts crying because she can't find her puppy. And it just like broke my heart because she was alone and crying, so I went over to talk to her to TRY to make her feel better. Bad idea. I went over and she said to me "Where did you put my dog?" I tried to say I didn't have her dog. Then she said "You put my dog outside and left her there and you are not supposed to do that." And I tried to just change the subject.. and then she said "They told me to report you when you do that. SO that is it. I AM REPORTING YOU" and I was like... whoa... so I backed away slowly and returned to my seat. Well apparently Dorthy was pretty worked up.. because she then wheeled up to this lady who was just completely asleep in her wheelchair.. and said "That is my dog I have been looking for. You have my dog." the lady woke up, really confused, and said " I do not have your dog." Then Dorthy said "I will run over your legs." And then the lady said again that she didn't have the dog. Dorthy then said "Do you like having your hair pulled" And then she reached up and pulled this huge chunk of the lady's hair and the lady started screaming.. and the nurses started running.. and everyone started freaking out... it was intense. I really never thought I would witness a hair pulling fight between a couple of grandmas... but I did. And it was something I will never forget. hahah I am just really glad that Dorthy didn't pull my hair or run over my legs haha. 

So that was one good time this week. We had an awesome miracle last Monday night. So we ate dinner, and then we went out to try and see some people. But one by one NO ONE was home... all of our plans and our backup plans completely fell through.. so we really had no clue what to do. So for some reason we decided to drive out and try to see this member who never invites us over... and we got there.. and she wasn't home. And at this point I was feeling sorta frustrated because I wanted to be productive and find the people who needed our help... but I felt like we weren't accomplishing anything. And then all of the sudden I remembered a lady who lived close who we gave a Book of Mormon to a few months ago. So we decided to go stop by... and she was home and she let us right in. And she told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon and that she really enjoys it! We had an awesome discussion and she invited us to come back tomorrow so she can learn more! It was so cool. And it was just crazy because Heavenly Father made all of our other appointments fall through so that we would go out and find Verna. It was a great reminder that He really is working through us and helping us find people! 

We had another cool experience Tuesday. Last week we helped this elderly lady named Martha move to an apartment. She has a friend in the church, but she isn't a member. So we went back over to help her unpack.. and at the end we got to teach her all about the Book of Mormon too.. and she is really excited to read it. The coolest thing was she said "Please come back. I really love having you girls in my home. You bring such an incredible spirit." And after I said a prayer she said "That almost brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful for you girls." It was just so neat how she was able to feel and recognize the spirit! I love her already. 

Then Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Derrick my trainer! It was so much fun to be back with her! We were in her area.. so it was fun to see some different parts of Ohio! We had one really cool miracle! So we went to stop by this guy named John.. and we get there and the garage is open and so is the front door... good sign right? Well NO ONE ANSWERED. And we kinda just stood there for an awkward amount of time because we didn't want to accept that they were ignoring us... and then I decided that maybe we should check the back yard like they were back there or something... so we walk to the back (and yes I realize that by now you all think I am a super creeper... and I guess I am) so we get to the back yard.... and nothing. Haha so that was a fail. So we take the walk of shame back to our car, get in, and RIGHT as we are about to drive away... a car pulls into the driveway. We get out and awkwardly walk to the garage and meet Maria, who is the coolest lady ever! She let us in and we had an awesome discussion. She has a special needs daughter, and she owns a company that makes glasses for people with special needs. And her daughter is the cutest thing ever. It was just pretty crazy because if we hadn't walked to the backyard like creepers we would have left before she got home and we wouldn't have ever gotten to talk to her. Such a cool little miracle! 

Oh I forgot... I have another good nursing home quote. So I am pushing this lady Martha down to the dining room.. and I asked her if she was hungry, and she said "Not too hungry. They feed me so much here. I am getting Fat!" I told her that she wasn't fat, and she said "Oh yes I am. And fat is ugly! My clothes are all getting really tight. And I just don't want to be fat." hahah it is so funny how much the old people here are concerned about how they look. Then when I said I had to go she said "You are leaving me? I have to wait until next week? That is just such a long time for me to wait."  I am glad at least someone likes me. 

So I found out that Shirley the 90 year old mows her own lawn with a riding lawn mower. Just picture that for a minute. You are welcome for that laugh. hahah I told her to call me the next time she does it so I can get a picture because a 90 year old on a riding lawn mower is just too funny to even make up. Good ol Shirley. 

Also, the sweetest old lady in our ward took us out to dinner. She was so nice she said on the phone "I can't wait for dinner. Because I know the restaurant will be clean. The food will taste good. And I will have good company." So cute. And it was good... and the best part... we totally got to teach the waiter all about the Restoration and why we love the church.. and he pulled up a chair and we got to talk and teach and it was cool. And also I got free ice cream. So that was obviously a successful lesson. 

Other than that... General Conference was sure good! I loved it. I know that I learned a ton. Something that really stuck out to me is how important it is to truly love others.. and to do things to show that love. So I am going to work on that. Another thing I loved was about gratitude.. and how we all need to be grateful for what we have always, not just when things in life are good. We have so much to be grateful for. I have been so blessed my whole life, and I am blessed every single day of my mission. I see God's hand in my life constantly, and I really know that when we try to have a grateful attitude..everything is better. I mean in all honesty we all have so much, even when things are hard. And being grateful allows us to be happier and gives Heavenly Father the opportunity to bless us even more. And I know that is true! 

And with that said... I am so grateful for all of you! I pray for you always and hope that things go well for you. I am also so grateful for the Gospel in my life and for the blessing of being a full-time missionary. I love you! Have a great week!

Love Cassidy 

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