Friday, April 25, 2014

Cassidy's letter 4-21-14

Hey guys!
I hope you all had a good Easter! I can't believe it is the end of April already. I got my mission call a year ago Saturday... which is crazy! I feel like that was yesterday. And now I have been out here on a mission for over 7 months.. time flies... especially when it is actually warm and springy and lots of great things are happening! This was a great week.
I am just going to start with the COOLEST thing that happened. So hopefully you guys remember Ed. I will refresh your memory real quick... we found Him tracting on the coldest day of the world and it was a huge answer to prayers.. and he has been reading the Book of Mormon? Okay so we met with him this week at McDonalds to talk about what he is reading and all that. So he has really been enjoying the Book of Mormon! A few weeks ago when we talked to him he said it was good.. and that "it could be true, but it could not be true... I am not going to say either".. so we were working with that because he was open and stuff. So he is pretty far in, and it is cool because he isn't just reading it he is studying it. He knows it better than a lot of members do. Anyways so we have this awesome discussion about it and he was sharing all of his favorite verses and everything. And then when we were leaving I asked if we could say a prayer. And this is good stuff okay. So here we are in the middle of McDonalds... and I am praying... like it is totally normal... and I said "Please help Ed to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not" and right after I said that Ed YELLED "THAT'S NOT FAIR. IT IS TRUE. I KNOW IT'S TRUE" and I was like...... woah... so I looked at him and then went back to praying and said "We are grateful that Ed KNOWS the Book of Mormon is true"... hahah it was the coolest thing that ever happened. After I was done he was like "I know it is true". And I was probably the happiest missionary in the Northern United States because I have never had an investigator yell at me mid-prayer in the middle of McDonalds because he knows that it is true. So that was basically the highlight of my week. It is so cool to see how much he loves it. He said he will sometimes feel like he should read other books.. but something just keeps making him come back to the Book of Mormon. It's because it is true and it is the coolest book ever.
The Bible Study girls have been out of town because their school is on break... so we haven't got to see them for awhile which is bummer. But they will be back next week!
There was some pretty classic comments at the nursing home this week. So we were in the activity room... and this lady walked in.. well I guess she wheeled in.. and she had just got her hair cut.. .so I said "Margret your hair looks really pretty!" And she goes "Thank  you everyone than you very much" and I was the only one who had said anything.. haha so funny. Then I was sitting by her during bingo, and this worker guy went to get her coffee.. and she goes "Is he your sweetheart" and I told her no.. and she said "Well you should try to make him your sweetheart. He is very good at teaching us how to play games" so she is officially trying to set me up... not sure how that is going to go. Then she was trying to EAT the bingo chips.. and I was trying to explain to her that they aren't real chips... but she wasn't getting it. The food must not be too good at that place.
Things are going great with the Smiths! They are all set to get baptized on May 4th! I am praying that I will get to be there somehow... it will be sad if I have to leave right before. But they are as cute as ever and I am just so happy that I have gotten to teach them. It Is neat because I just know how much it can change the rest of their lives to grow up having a relationship with Heavenly Father.. and I feel really blessed that I have had the opportunity to help them! Hunter was funny.. he kept asking us to take "usies" with him... I guess it is like a selfie but with "us".. no clue but it was super cute.
We got to do some solid biking this week! I was in heaven. My companion almost died a few times... we had to do the walk of shame up a hill because the wind was about to push her over haha. But it is fun. We biked to Joans and helped her do service. Which was fun. Except Joan kept saying "I love when you come over we get to giggle so much" and the word giggle kinda freaks me out and she kept saying it.. and also I am not sure if she is "giggling" at my helmet hair or what. But it was fun.
Kirtland was busy this week! We had quite a few tours. And we got to meet Elder Teh from the 70! He was the one who spoke on Sunday in General Conference! It was super cool to meet him. He was really nice and he told us we are really lucky to serve at Kirtland and that we are doing a great job. It was cool! That reminds me... guess who is coming in a month.... ELDER HOLLAND. I am so excited! He is meeting with us missionaries and it will probably be the best thing ever. It is an Easter Miracle.
We had some super fun tours! We had this one group that was from New Zealand and they absolutely loved it. We had one group that had a kid who wanted to challenge everything I said... like I told them not to touch anything and he was like "My feet are touching the ground" "I am touching my nose" and after 2 hours of that I had to reward myself with some ice cream because I may have had a desire to throw him into the stoney brook river... haha but I refrained. I am sure learning patience. Oh and on one tour my companion said that Emma Smith was 12 months pregnant with twins. Ouch. hahah good times. Shoutout to Joe!
We had a good Easter Sunday yesterday! It was a beautiful day and I am glad that I get to be a missionary and share my testimony of Jesus Christ every day.  I love my mission and I love seeing all of the small miracles that are in my life. I have been thinking a lot about how it is the small things that make a difference.. and we always learn that God works through small and simple means, but I really know that is true. I see people making little changes in their lives that bring huge blessings. Simple things like praying everyday go a long way. And I am happy that I can help people make changes that allows them to have the blessings God has for them.  My life sure has been changed by serving a mission and I am grateful every day that I have this opportunity!
Have a wonderful week! I love you all!
Love Cassidy

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