Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cassidy's Letter 12-9-14

Hello everyone... I would like to announce that I am officially a JUNIOR NUN.

Yep that is right. In the Messiah performance this weekend at the Notre Dame Catholic church they put me in the program as a NUN.

So that is I guess a good thing to know. All those times on my mission when people asked if I was a Nun and I said no... I was lying. Oh well. hahah really though how funny is that. Also I LIVED! The Messiah was actually pretty fun. Well besides that both the shows were like 3 hours long and I might have fallen asleep a few times (Sleepyrandy over here).. it was a lot of fun. We raised over 12,000 dollars for a hunger shelter. And it was just a really neat experience to be with people from all different faiths celebrating the birth of Christ. And now I a professional at the Hallelujah chorus!

I just can't believe that is is Christmas time already. Christmas is in 2 weeks.... WHAT. We have been full force encouraging everyone to watch He is The Gift. If you are reading this and you haven't watched it yet... go to RIGHT NOW and watch it. It is so good! I love it because it is just simple and powerful and reminds us that what really matter is Christ was born and died for us because He loves us so much. And that is all that matters. We were challenged to give out 10 cards a day to people encouraging them to watch it. I have been going to all extremes. I GAVE ONE TO SANTA this week. Yep. I waited in line like 5 year old and when he asked what I wanted I gave him the gift instead. haha. It was really funny. There was this Christmas lighting festival at the main square in Chardon and it was super fun. Ya gotta love Christmas time.

Let's see... I feel like all of this week I was singing my head off. But oh okay so want to hear the coolest story ever? So last Sunday ... this young college aged guy just showed up at church.. and I assumed it was someone's son home for Thanksgiving or something... well no turns out he just was really curious about our church so he decided to come. And we talked to him for like a minute and then he had to go. But we called him on Wednesday and he said that he loved church and loved how welcome everyone made him feel.. and how we have people from the congregation speak and no one is paid. He said that when he gets home from school this week he wants to meet with us and learn more! AHH. How cool is that. He literally just CAME to church and WANTS to learn more.... and he was normal. So basically a dream come true. Hahah an early christmas miracle that is for sure.

Also things are going good with Stephen! We had a really good lesson with him this week and he is still planning on getting baptized January 23rd! That is going to be the best last night of a mission ever. But we taught him about the Gospel and about repentance and baptism.. and it was cool.. we asked him why he wants to get baptized and he said "Well I feel good when I am at church. I never felt that at other churches. It feels good and I know it is true. And I want to get baptized so I can get back to Heavenly Father. And I am finding more reasons to get baptized everyday." It was so cool! And reminded me of how simple it is. It feels good and makes people happy... and that is why I love being a missionary. Because happiness isn't a hard thing to have once  you realize that it doesn't matter who you are or what you have, if you are doing what God wants He will bless you to be happy.

We got to see Tina again this week. We had a really good lesson about the Atonement. I think things will be slower moving with her... but it was definitely a miracle that we were led to her so we aren't giving up!

Things have been getting slower at the visitor center. But our Nativity exhibit is in full swing so people are coming for that! And we spend a lot of time on the computers chatting with people. I seriously talk to the weirdest people. Yesterday I got about 59 people who came on wanting to fight we me about how we "aren't Christian". I just wish I could throw a dictionary at people and tell them to read what a Christian is... haha clearly we are. And then people want to argue about the Book of Mormon. First of all I try not to argue back at all. But man I have such a hard time when people are jerks about the Book of Mormon. I love it so much. And I literally LOOSE my mind when people don't even try to read it and then bash it. Give it a shot at least people!  I am reading it for the last time of my mission right now... my 12th time through! I can't even believe that. I would have never thought that was possible before my mission.  But it has completely changed my life. And I am just simply studying Jesus Christ my last time though.. and all I can say is it truly is the best way to learn about Him and feel close to Him. I am so grateful that I can have a personal relationship with Him.. and that I get to spend this best time of the year as His missionary helping others feel His love too.

I hope you all know I love you and miss you and that I am excited to see you next month!

I hope you are all having a good Christmas time! Share He is the Gift. Because it is cool and I said so okay great bye.


love Cassidy

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