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Cassidy's Letter December 16, 2014

Well.... here I am again... this is my like 65th letter I believe.... that is a lot. I can't believe you aren't totally sick of hearing me ramble yet. Maybe you are... I definitely don't blame you! But I am going to contiune on anyways!

So this week was good as usual. Not too many crazy cool things happened. People were pretty normal this week. Which was very.. abnormal. But there was some pretty good stuff.

First of all.. we were having dinner at these member's house.. and they have like 10 children and none of them wear deodorant.. and that is all I will say about that. But we were eating dinner, and these two little kids start talking about how they like the candies called "Sour Warheads".. and then their dad... being completely intense and serious said... "Children. Do NOT talk about war in this household." ...... hahahahah it was literally the weirdest funniest thing ever. I almost started laughing but I was too scared he would hurt me. But man it was funny.

Okay. COOL NEWS WITH TINA. She is quitting smoking! We went over.. and she had gone to the doctor and got medicine to help her quit! So she should be done now actually. It is so cool that she is making so much progress! I can already tell that she is happier and doing better since we met her a few weeks ago. She even said  "I have noticed a big difference in my life since I have started praying every day and reading the scriptures." and she said "And now that I am getting clean inside.. I can start doing more of the things that God wants me to." As always it is the best thing ever to see people make positive changes. Makes the mission so worth it.

And apparently ever since we became Jr. Nuns and sang in The Messiah... we are officially nominated to sing in everything now. So we are singing in the church choir.. but it is actually okay because it is FUNNY. So there are mostly all old fogies in our branch, so already it is comical, but then the funniest lady is the choir director and she has no clue what is going on. But she was insisting that the sopranos sit on the left side.. and this other lady started freaking out and said "They always sit on the right. I am not moving" and the director said "No they are on the left. That is how it is." and the other lady got all mad.. and stood up and was like "I QUIT." and left. (I assume she wanted a dramatic exit... but since she has to use a walker and it takes like 4 minutes for her to get out.. it was just hilarious." Man gotta love old people drama.

Another cool miracle is with Jerry! He is just making a world of progress. I think I told you that he finished the Book of Mormon.. and now he started the New Testament.. and has already read the first 2 books in like 2 weeks. It is just insane because when I met him he wouldn't even read a verse a day. And I was talking to him about how cool it is to see the change in him and he said "I have to read now. I have to do it every day. I just had no clue that it would actually help me so much. But it does." Proof is in the pudding. It works.

Oh and I got to see some of my favorite people from Hiram the other night at the visitor center. They all want me to come back and visit when I am done with my mission. It is always fun when people actually remember you. And I saw Brother Jeffery... you probably don't remember him but he was an older guy who would say the funniest things ever. He would tell us to "stop wearyin'" every sunday.. and it was so funny we had a banner in our house that said that.  And he was crackin me up on Saturday. He kept saying "Don't weary. Wearyin' will put you in your grave." and he means "worrying" but he says "wearyin'". And he said "Wearyin' will give you gray hairs. You don't want that. So STOP WEARYIN'". hahaha everyone stop wearyin'! It will all be okay!

We also got to see the Grimms. They are cool as always. Dieter missed church because he slept in.. and Sister Grimm was like "I hate when you sleep in until 11" and he said " grateful I sleep less than the other people my age. They never wake up. Because they are dead." Good one Dieter.

The sad news of the week is that some of the Graves got in a bad car wreck. They are all going to be okay, but I know their car was totaled and they are really having a rough time. SO please please please keep them in your prayers. They need it! But I am really grateful they are all alive. I would have had a heart attack. But the one cool thing.. well okay it wasn't cool because they couldn't come to church which was really sad... but JoDee did come all by herself! Which is like the most amazing thing of my life. She used to not even come all the time with them.. but never would she alone.. but now she is! She is totaly turning her life around and quitting smoking and working towards the temple and man just so cool. I say that about everything like every week.. so sorry this is super redundant and boring. But really it never gets old to see the Gospel completely change someone's life. And it always starts by really small little things.. and then you look back and huge miracles have happened! I have absolutely loved that about my mission.

I love getting to put on a nametag that has Jesus Christ's name on it. I am really going to miss that. I love representing Him. And I just love talking to people about Christ and the hope He can bring us. That is what I am really grateful for this Christmas time. I am thankful that I have a sure knowledge that I can and am forgiven of my mistakes, that God and Jesus Christ know me and love me and are leading my life, and that I can be with my family forever.  That knowledge gives me so much peace and it really is the best gift in the whole world!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas season! I love you lots and miss you!

Love Cassidy

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