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Cassidy's Letter Dec. 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

The day after tomorrow is Christmas... it is practically here! (just had to throw one grinch quote in here.)  I can't believe how fast it came though. Time is going so fast! And things are going SO good here. I had such an awesome week. I feel like I have so much to say and no time to say it so here I go

First of all TINA. We made some huge progress with her. So basically the other day we couldn't figure out what to teach her.. because she has met with missionaries for so long and seems to have learned like everything.. but it feels like she doesn't understand the basics. Like she doesn't understand that God is her father who loves her. But we were scared to take it back to like the beginning lessons because we didn't want to offend her or anything. Just a hard situation. Anyways so we went to see her and the whole time I was praying to have the Spirit to know what the heck she needed... and we had a good conversation that led to her saying "This is probably stupid. But I want to, and think, that maybe I should go back to the basics and start at the very beginning. (ps right then a cooking tv show called "back to the basics" came on. Talk about a sign.) I want to start as if I don't know anything. I want to start with who is God." And the spirit was so strong and it was a huge miracle because that is exactly what she needs.. and it is her idea! So it is going to work so well. I am really excited about it. ONLY downer... she got kidney stones the other day and is in a ton of pain. Another miracle happened with that. She called us crying in pain and asked if we knew of anyone who could babysit her kids so she could go to the emergency room... and so we were all over it calling everyone in the world... and no one could. And I was about to lose it.. and I just prayed that someone could do it.. and right then this lady came into my mind. But she ALWAYS works. Like always. So I almost didn't call her. But I did... and huge miracle somehow she wasn't at work and was able to! Crazy answer to my prayer! And the lady said "It is really amazing I took today off of work. I think it is because Heavenly Father knew that I needed to be here to help her." SO COOL.

Also get ready for another crazy story. So I have been going to physical therapy the past few weeks because ya know my leg is all messed up. Anyways so while I was doing my stuff my companion was obviously in the waiting room talking to people. And the other day we found out that a lady she talked to contacted Karl Anderson (the coolest guy ever who writes all the books about Kirtland) and she apparently used to be good friends with him, and she told him about meeting the missionaries and how she could feel a strong spirit! And we got to call her and we are hopefully going to get to meet with her. But it was just the craziest thing that God needed me to be at physical therapy so that we could meet her. Like He works in the craziest ways sometimes and it is so cool to see how everything is for a reason. Let's just hope that was the reason my leg was messed up and now it can heal. haha

And then yesterday when I was at the doctor's I gave my doctor a He is the Gift card.. and she said "Can I have some more. I need to give these to people I see. I can give them all the pills they want.. but Jesus Christ is really the only one that can make things better." All I can say is amen to that.

I also narrowly escaped death once again. It is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE I survived washing this lady's dirty dishes. So we go to her house to take her cookies like nice people do.. and she was telling us how she had pneumonia for the past few weeks and hadn't done her dishes in 3 weeks.. and I offered to help... and yeah basically sacrificed my life. I don't even know what was growing on those dishes. First of all there were like two thousand of them..  and she tried to light a candle to mask the smell... yeah here to tell you that didn't work. There was so much mold that was white and black and some weird orange stuff... and it was bad. I mean bad. My companion couldn't even touch them so I did it all.. she was standing against the wall on the other side literally gagging... haha it was actually funny. I was just laughing at it. Someone God literally made it so I wasn't grossed out and I was able to do it all... even though it took over an hour..... but I can honestly say I felt so good after! Even though I still might die from the mold I inhaled.. it felt really good to do something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves! Doing service really is the best way to be happy. Next time I will just be sure to bring a mask.  haha

Friday was actually one of the funnest days ever. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Smith who used to be my companion back in Hiram. It was like old times! And we got to meet with the super cool guy who came to church a few weeks ago just because he is interested. We had lunch with him and taught him basically all about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation and it seemed like he really enjoyed it! He has super awesome questions and was really just so cool. And we gave him a Book of Mormon.. and like 30 minutes later he texted us and told us one of his ancestors painted the painting of Joseph Smith that is in the book. Haha it was crazy.

We got to see Sister Leyde who had put her not so skinny dog in a sweater that was way too small and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. And then we went to the Grimms.. and they were trying to show us this German candle fan thing that had angels on it.. yeah they caught one of the angels on fire and were freaking out and it was hysterical. Then they were singing to us in German and it was just funny. I was just sitting there wondering what the heck my life even is. Missions are so weird sometimes. I am sure going to miss all the weird things that happen all the time

Then we went caroling and it was so fun to see how happy people got when we started singing to them. This one lady literally almost started crying (yeah a bit dramatic I know but just go with it..) but she said "This is a dream come true. I have waited 36 years to have carolers... and it actually happened. Dreams really do come true." and she brought us all cupcakes.. it was pretty cool to do something so easy and simple and have it make someone so happy!

And Jerry said the nicest thing this week! He was telling us again how amazing it is how much easier reading the scriptures is and how much it is helping him.. and he said "Ya know I have been meeting with missionaries a long time and haven't gotten any better... but you really pushed me to read and now I can. This is all because you pushed me and helped me. And I am really proud of you for that." It was so nice and it makes me so happy to see him making so much progress.

Good news. The choir performance wasn't a complete train wreck. And I am DONE SINGING for the rest of my mission. haha We did have to sing again on Sunday night at a Christmas Hymn Sing in the Kirtland temple... but that was fun because it was the temple and Christmas and the spirit is always really strong there. But seriously I am going to die if I have to sing in one more thing. I turned into a Jr Nun and now no one will leave me alone. haha

And I have just been having so much fun giving He is the Gift cards to every human I see. I beat my record and gave out 30 the other day! It is like the funnest (and sometimes really funny to see what people do when I just randomly start talking to them) to just go up to people and talk to them about Christ. Some people are not so nice.. but I have only been rejected like 10 times. Most people are super nice and it is just so fun. I am going to be super depressed when I don't get to give them out anymore!

BUT I AM JUST SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! It really is the best time of year. I love that so many people are open to talking about Jesus Christ. I wish that people would stay like this the whole year. I have just really loved being a missionary and getting to help people feel Christ's love full time. It is the best way to spend Christmas. I am so grateful that I know He lives and that He loves me. I am grateful for everything He did and for the things He has made possible for me. Especially that I can be with my family forever!

I love you all and hope you have a great Christmas! :)

Love Cassidy

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