Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Letter 11-25-14


Well I officially survived what I think was the longest week of my entire mission haha. I am with my new companion, Sister Hancock! She is from Arizona. Funny story actually.. I took some people on a tour at Kirtland like 2 months ago and they said their friend would be coming to our mission... so they took a picture of me and my last companion and I guess they posted it on Sister Hancock's facebook and said "One of these sisters could be your trainer" and then... bam I am! Pretty funny stuff. She is really nice. And she is the one who went to culinary school.... but she has yet to cook anything. It appears she is hiding her skills or something. haha hopefully I will get to try something soon!

This was a really really good week though. And this coming week is going to be so awesome. Sam gets baptized on SUNDAY! It is actually here! I feel like we have been talking about it for like 10 thousand years and now it is happening. We had a good lesson with Sam and with their family. They really are like family to me now too because I have spent so much time with them and I really love them a lot. We had a big branch dinner the other night and I was sitting with Sam and it was just him and he said "I have to miss my big wrestling tournament on Sunday so I can get baptized. But it's okay because getting baptized is way more important." It was the cutest thing! And it wasn't like his parents made him say that, he was just talking to me. It is so cool. And JoDee (she is part of the big Graves family) was talking to us about the temple and how badly she wants to go.. and the other day she said "I set up an interview to work towards getting my recommend. I am going to the temple with my family in the spring. I will be there" and it is SO COOL because she has never gone before and she is just so determined. She has completely changed since the first time I met her. It is honestly the coolest thing in the world to see how much the gospel can change people and how much happier it can make them. I am so glad I get to see it. OH and DezaRae (she is one of the Graves, she is like 22) just got her very first calling ever! Their whole family is just making amazing changes. And I can honestly say it makes me happier than anything else ever has. It is just the most satisfying and real happiness knowing I have been able to help people truly improve their lives. And we get to go to the Graves for thanksgiving and it will be a full blown party I am sure. I am really excited. If I can't be with my family, I am sure glad I can be with theirs!

Let's see... we also saw the Grimms! Man I love Dieter. He is just too cool. He made about 12 billion jokes about how much salt I use. People will never get over that haha. Everywhere I go it like I am an alien or something because I put salt on food. But anyways we had a very intense lesson with him. It scared Sister Hancock to death haha. I am used to it by now. But I was talking about how we have to pray and specifically ask for answers if we want God to speak to us.. and Dieter just gets all intense and looks at me and says "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" and I was like... I want you to pray and ask if this church is true. And then he started going off on this long tangent about how we don't know what is really in his heart and he said "You don't even know. I say one thing but I actually mean something else.  Inside I am right on the fence about to do it.. but because of what I say you don't understand" and I was about to jump out of my chair in excitement hearing that he is on the fence. HE IS SO CLOSE. And I finally know what his hold up is. We are making some serious progress. I am just PRAYING sooo hard that it will happen. It would be such a miracle for him and his family. Oh and at the end.. he said "come here and give me hug. I am sorry for all the things I said to you." hahah he always gets so worked up and intense and then feels so bad. Man Dieter is the best. I hope you can meet him someday.

We got to see this crazy lady named Sally who lives in like a controlled apartment place. And you have to get buzzed in.. but she NEVER lets us in... so this random other lady let us in and I was pumped.. so we went to sally's room and she was having  a meltdown. She said "Who let you in here. They can get reported. Was he bald? Was he short? I WILL FIND OUT WHO IT WAS" and I was trying not to laugh the whole time. Also she said she couldn't come to the branch dinner because she hit her rib on a counter. That is a good excuse. Also someone canceled on us last week because her son got a sunburn. HER SON. That was pretty low too haha

Our branch dinner really was the highlight of the week. We had so many people come. We beat the record of attendance for any activity by like 25 people so that was cool. The leaders are happy which makes our lives easier! And is was just super fun. Our Branch President was wearing  a fanny pack though so that was concerning. And also I heard the funniest thing.. we met a former investigator and she was like "Yeah we used to go to the.. what is it called... the twig?" and I lost it. Totally calling it the Chardon Twig instead of the Chardon Branch from now on. Too good.

Fiona is still doing awesome. She is so happy lately! She never talks about all the bad things that happened in her past anymore. It is the coolest change. We got to clean her room again.. yeah still terrifying. But we found her missing twilight movie and she acted like we had just given her a million dollars.

Oh and cool news... We FINALLY got to see Stephen again. He is doing good. This was funny though.. he was like "Yeah I haven't read a ton but I am at the end of 1st Nephi" and I was like "that's awesome what chapter are you in?" and he was like "I am at chapter 4" ........ hahaha yeah not the end but nice try. It was funny.

Sunday was spent with the Nuns once again. Gotta love my nun homies. TWO MORE WEEKS and I will no longer have to spend my days singing hard songs. I did realize though that the performances fall on FAST SUNDAY so not only do I have to stand and sing for 3 hours straight with a ton of old people... I also will be practically dead! This is definitely going to be a interesting experience. But it I must say it is a cool experience to work with people from different churches in doing something that just promotes Christ.

ALSO I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving and that Christmas is in a month. Probably the most exciting thing ever. November went by so fast it is almost uncomfortable. But Christmas time on the mission is the best. We get to have our mission conference inside the Kirtland Temple next Tuesday! And we are going to a Thanksgiving service inside the Temple tonight. My mission is SO COOL.

Well I am right outta time. I hope that everyone has a fun Thanksgiving! I will email on Wednesday next week instead of Tuesday. I love you!

Love Cassidy

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